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linear actuator

Load-bearing Knee Joint

I'm trying to work on a larger project, am on a budget, and as such, I do not have a welder.

PWM on High Current(amp) Actuators

I'm trying to move up into the category I originally got into robotics for in the first place: bigger buddies!

I have a Raspberry Pi I'd like to use to control some linear actuators, which are 12v and lift about 225lbs. I'm unaware of their amp usage: a search for similar rated ones said ~4-5A. They were purchased from an online auto parts place, so it's unlikely they'd know.

Swivels, lifts, and grabs.
Picked up a neat wooden robotic arm that uses three linked pairs of syringes as a hydraulic system. One pair swivels the base. Another lifts and lowers the arm. The … Read more

Recommendations for steering

I'm building a yard bot. The initial blog is posted for my Yard Gnome already.

This robot will steer like a car, with one drive motor pushing two rear wheels, and a two-wheeled steering mechanism up front.

I'm looking for recommendation for how to automate steering on this thing.

Is there an affordable servo that is strong enough?

Should I build my own servo?

Is it possible to control a linear actuator or servo with force sensitive resistors?

Hey, everyone, brand new to LMR and as of yet still unsure as to whether i'm in the right place or not.

 BASICALLY, my overall goal is to build a powered exoskeleton. I'm not joking, I'm absolutely serious. I want to build a powered exo. The first hurdle I'm coming across is how I would control the thing, and what I've got in my head is a system using a pair of force-sensitive resistors to control a variable-speed smart linear actuator or servo.

 Before I get much deeper into this, first off, I want to know if this is possible, second, what other hardware would I need.

Hack your servo V1.00 - Turn your servo into a powerful linear actuator

Provided you have the tools and the servo you can built this for under a couple of bucks. The actuator extends with a rate of about 50mm/min. It is rather slow but very powerful. Get the full story:



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