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Machine Vision Camera Recommendation?[Solved]

Dear: LMR

Just letting you guys know I need a camera that can recognize a laser from a long distance in a multitude of enviroments. What is your favorite machine vision sensor you would recommend to me for my robot project? Thanks!!!

From: Noah

Just letting you guys know my dad donated his pixy cam to my project. Wish me good luck!!!

Simple 4 pixel camera sensor

In the following I describe a simple 4 pixel camera sensor, which can be versatilely used in robotics.

The sensor consists in general of four pin photo diodes with a relatively large photo sensitive area, arranged in a square, and an according collimator lens. Every photo diode can be thought of a quadrant of a two dimensional graph. We can use the sensor to measure the intensity of light, detect motions, track a light source in two dimensions or do basic 2-D optical flow calculations.

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Using a
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Does anyone use Roborealm for machine vision? I just want to know if it's worth buying it or if there is a free software of the same sort?

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