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Whiteboard plotter
Using a
An IOT Whiteboard Bot that draws text and images from the internet, this is the first run with the robot. Read more
Mapping it's surrounding and showing on a display, sonar
ZeroPi distance sensing with ultrasonic sensor, showing information on serial TFT screen.This is a small demonstration project for the new ZeroPi control board from … Read more
Navigate around via ultrasound, teleop with game controller
Demo robot for teleoperating with HID and also to show how to do simple obstacle avoidance with ultra sound sensor. Read more
To learn ROS I have equip an mBot Ranger with a Raspberry Pi 3 that is connected to the controller board of the robot. The ROS master is running on the Raspberry Pi … Read more
Our honored LMR founder Frits has been contacted by marcmart.com an electronics distributor. They asked him about writing a review for a Makeblock product. So Frits … Read more

Any Makeblock kit owners?

I'm really interested in the Makeblock kits that exist right now (as opposed to the in-development electronics), but it seems like no one on the internet actually owns one.  Does anyone here have one and could make a detailed blog review with closeup pictures or any more information at all beyond all the marketing stuff that I've already found plenty of?  The threaded slots seem like the most unusual parts, do they work well?  Are the parts well-made, fit together well, and so on- anything would be appreciated.