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Maker Faire

NY Maker Fair 2017

Anyone heading down to Maker Faire NY this year. I have some stuff to show off, but I rather not man a booth solo.



Maker Carnival Shanghai 2013

Well, I just want to review the Maker Carnival in Shanghai last weekend (Oct. 19 & 20). 

It was the second Maker Carnival in Shanghai and I may say it was a huge success. Many peopel came not only for watching but also asking questions and got in terested in the general Hacker/Maker activities.

DFRobot as a sponsor of the Maker Carnival had a booth showing new products and projects. Her you can see the Insect bot mini prototype.

MAKE: Robots Past and Present

Robots have been a big part of Maker Faire from the beginning. Check out Maker Faire robots from 2008 to today. Including a great video of Chris the Carpenter showing off Walter II.See more on MAKE...

Maker Faire 2013 in Hannover

Last weekend the first Maker Faire has been landed in Hannover, Germany. It was a great success and a real time experience for me. The only bad things I can tell, it was too short (only one day) and too hot. Approximatly 4500 visitors have visited the exhibition and our booth was surrounded with crowds of people all the time. Too less time for me to walk around to see other makers. 

Toronto Mini Maker Faire

Hi guys, on September 21st and 22nd there will be a Mini Maker Faire in Toronto, Canada.

Is anyone from LMR attending? I would like to meet up and chat. If anyone is interested to set up a LMR booth, we can talk, cause I'm not going to do it alone. On the 22nd is my daughter's birth day, so I will be bussy with her party.

Let me know if you plan to attend!

Maker Faire - Editors Choice - Cheapduino

Maker Faire in San Franzisco. I could not be there but still got something on my desk this morning. 

Yeah, that's the Maker Faire Editor's Choice banner, given for the DFRobot's Cheapduino and signed by Andrew

Chiefdadddy Make Faire



A few pictures from Maker Faire 2012 NYC and I mean a FEW. :D

LMR Robot Trading Cards!

An idea popped into my head: it would be really cool to have trading cards of robots on LMR!


Events like RoboGames used to have robot trading cards. Some people still make them for their robots, and it is pretty cool!(http://robogames.net/buy-cards.php)


Maker Faire NYC 2011 Summary

The Let's Make Robots team had a great time at Maker Faire NYC. 

LMR received two Maker Faire Editor's Choice Blue Ribbons. One from Becky Stern and one from Chris Conners

That doesn't include blue ribbons awarded to individuals who are also LMR members, like the two given to RobotGrrl!

Call for robot images for Maker Faire Postcard

Hi guys and girls!

Im in the process of making a nice postcard to bring to Maker Faire in NY in a few weeks to help spread the word about this awsome site and I need your help!

I have made a design (work-in-progress attached as PDF), that tries to show the diversity of the community and the idea is to have different robots in each box on the front page, and a list of the robot names on the back.

TLIHR 16 100 cool robot ideas - Food for thought


Regarding 100 cool robot ideas mentioned in TLIHR episode 16 of, here's an idea I've been working on.