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raspberry + arduino / webiopi + firmata (python)

Im buildin internet controlled rc car with arduino, arduino motor shield and raspberry.
So how to use firmata and webiopi at the same time.

Conquer the Divide - Faster Integer Division

Conquer the Divide - Faster Integer Division


How to implement C-style integer division on a microcontroller that doesn't provide appropriate instructions? In school we learn how to divide long nunmbers [1]. Wikipedia tells us that we can do better in certain cases [2]. However, these algorithm are only better for numbers longer than a certain limit. For C operations they don't give any advantage. This article presents an algorithm based on piecewise polynomial approximation to implement this operation.

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Using a
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Motor Controller

Aahhmm...Behalf of my Majestic Awesomeness, 

I would like to ask a QUESTIONs that bothers me always when thinking about the Purpose of Motor Controller. 

I was reading about the Lessons in How to Make a Robot in https://www.robotshop.com/gorobotics/articles/how-to-make-a-robot-lesson-1 

then I found out that we need Motor Controller in order to control the Actuators.

Micocontroller and Motor Controller must work together in order to operate a Robot.


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Using a
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Programming microcontrollers (or build microcontroller from scratch)

Dear all,

I am abosolutely beginner but have experienced with programming. I have dreamed to build a robot for ages and I have keep searching on google but have no luck because the tutorial is not for beginner. So hope you guys can pin point me to any beginner tutorial on how to build our own simple microcontroller or breadboard to just do simple task ex: blinking the led something like that which I can just follow the instruction with clear picture and I will be able to make it myself.

P.S. honestly, I don't know even the differences between microcontroller and breadboard.

microcontrollers difference

so what is the diffewrence between say a 28x1 picaxe chip and a 40x2 or any other chip


picaxe microcontrollers

hi just wondering can i use a picaxe microcontroller without a project board (ie on its own or a bradboard?)

i dont think i even want to do this but it would help me learn a bit about how stuff works, probably

bi-directional slow moving motor? and then some...

As my username indicates I have many questions, I am very new to electronics, but I've done enough building/tinkering to feel comfortable attempting a fairly ambitions project... a very unconventional cuckoo clock. The first and most basic challenge I have is to have a motor turn 180 degrees very slowly, then back 180 at the same speed or faster. This would happen on the hour and involve additional actions such as door flaps opening and then closing, as well as sound to sync with the action. 

Need help choosing a microcontroller and motor driver for a certain robot!

I am thinking of building a robot and I need help choosing a microcontroller and motor driver(s). I was thinking of something like the Arduino, Axon II, Motoruino, or Orangutan SVP-328. Something with a USB programming interface would be nice. The robot I intend on making should have about drive 3+ servos, 2 motors/motor driver (maybe with encoders), two ultrasonic rangefinders, LCD, and maybe some other sensors (buttons, gyros, etc). Any other microcontrollers you could suggest would be helpful. 

Hobbybotics Reflow Controller

7 April 2011:

Wow, it has been ages since I actually posted something although I visit the site pretty much every day.  I ain't (good slang term) making no excuses but, okay, I am making some excuses as I am in the military and I do work roughy 11 hours, 5 days a week (when I'm not traveling).

Connecting Multiple Microcontrollers

I was wondering if it would be possibly to connect multiple microcontroller IC's by there I/O ports?

Which micro-controller etc should I buy?

As some of you may be aware, I'm still very new to this pastime, both with regards to electronics and programming, but have built a couple of bots which have been reasonably successful, using an Axon II Microcontroller, shown here http://www.societyofrobots.com/axon2/.

I am finding it extremely difficult to get on with the C language (I'd never even heard of it until about 3 months ago), but I do seem to be able to "read" basic fairly easily.

16F88 dimmer switch...

heyy im making a dimmer switch for my college project

i decided to use a pic 16f88 the only problem is i dont know how to write in C or anything yet
i wonderd if you would be able to help me in any way

How to chose a microcontroller????

Hey, i am a new guy here, i had made line follower but that was using transister as comparator, leds,etc, i wannna know know more about microcontrollers, i know a good command on C language , i think it will help me....

Microcontroller Recomendations

Hey all,

Which microcontrollers to you recomend? Which are best for beginers ( and the bank:-)? Thanks for the help.


Line Follower Robot using a PIC18F252 microcontroller

I am using C Programming to program a PIC18F252 microcontroller chip that allows a robot to follow a line then change directions in different direction on each end and also senses blockage and goes back. This is my code wich at the moment is giving me problems allowing the robot to change directions in different directions and sense blockage...can anyone see where i am going wrong and help out?????????


#include <p18F252.h>

RobotC Compatible Microcontrollers

I received a copy of RobotC and the USB/Serial interface with my VEX robot kit.
As I become acquainted with it, I realize that it could solve control of a model railroad cable car system that terminates inside a model building and must be left unattended on public display.  The ability to exercise fine control through reprogramming rather than physically rearranging parts would be a major plus.

Pololu Orangutan X2

Hi all,

 I want to build a small robot, and wan to ask you if anyone have ever used the Orangutan x2 controller http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/720 I see that lots of people are using the PIC controllers, but I don't wanna use these, they require windows and expensive compilers. I'd rather work with linux and program in C/C++

If anyone have used it before, is the orangutan easy to use? can i connect a camera to it without many troubles?

 Also can you suggest a cheap camera that I could use with my robot? 


Thanks a lot

wanted: fm stereo receiver

This is an electronics question that has little to do with robots. But this forum seems a good place to ask it anyway.

For an upcoming diy project, I am in need of some advice on integrated radio circuits. For my 93 yr old grandmother I hope to build a radio that can do this:

YES it's a robot, NO it doesn't have a microcontroller

I think we need to get of our high horse here and let snyde remarks regarding our own elitism remain silent..

I have seen several comments here stating that a robot has to have brains to be a robot. Now, where is that rule written in stone? Does it have to run around on tabletops, using skid steering, detecting cereal boxes by IR or ultrasound, have blinking LEDs or follow black lines on a piece of cardboard to be a robot?

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Using the axe023

I have a couple of the axe023, and I was wondering about their full potential. Are they compatible with IR sensors? What else besides bumper switches and simple motors can you use them for? It would be fun to make a bunch of little robots.

Programming Microcontrollers

I wanted to make a robot useing a microcontroller. But I have had trouble over time trying to program a microcontroller.

Would it bother anyone to write an article on programming a microcontroller?