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Mobile Robots

This is my first Arduino robot that I made some time ago and I'm still adding little things to it to make it more interesting. The main part of this robot is … Read more
Update: 7 October 2015   Thank all of you for your interest and ideas! After the waiting here are the winners for this review: Read more
The DFRobot 2WD Mobile Platform for Arduino is a small, low-cost mobile platform for use with a standard Arduino microcontroller. The robot comes as a kit which … Read more

MTR - A planetary surface exploration rover

My PhD work, from concept to implementation ;)

Humm B

I Finaly Started The Humm B.

This is an ongoing project that will change over time

i will post pictures soon (I hope) 

i still need to figure out a good motor reversing circuit that will work with a pic.

I plan to use pics to controle the basic operations and sencors in a sort of nural network. perhaps adding a big brain at some point.

some wimpy code for a 16f84a pic, I just learned how to program these. It is just a bump sensor thing for the moment.:


Uses a webcam and robot vision to navigate around obstacles
Obstacle avoidance is one of the most important aspects of mobile robotics. Without it robot movement would be very restrictive and fragile. This tutorial explains … Read more