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motor driver

We try to control Rover 5 using the motor driver MDD10A controlling by Raspberry Pi
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Mosfet motor driver?

Dear: LMR

Just to let you know I want to use a two mosfets to control two 9 volt motors. I managed to find this circuit online for controlling a motor with a single mosfet and they say it can move the motor both directions. I looked at the circuit from my knowledge it can only move one direction. InA controls both directions of the motor. Can I please have some help? Thank you.

From: Noah

Help with "special" motor driver (aka A2918)

Hi there!

This is my first post so I feel kinda nervous. Anyway this is my problem: I salvaged some old printer and I came across a discontinued motor driver which has some pins I don't have the slightest idea how to use.

A2918 motor driver

I'm familiar with the L298 so I understand the basics. What is new to me are the pins 5 (LOAD SPLY), 15 (REFERENCE), and the cluster of pins for the pwm: RC, PHASE and -ENABLE.

Need help with code for Pololu controller

I'm hoping someone is can help me with this code. It uploads ok, but the motors don't run.  Pololu suggested that the libary needs to be update. I'm new to Aurduinos and its beyond my abilities. Any help is appreciated!






include <CompactQik2s9v1.h>    // From pololu.com or ARB Support Site
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

#define rxPin 3
#define txPin 2
#define rstPin 4


Transistor Motor Driver

Hello everyone,

I was working on a robotor project recently using about 12 DC motors (6-12V) controlled by an Arduino. However, i decided to try to build a motor driver using bipolar transistors. The driver should be able to power each of the 12 motors in both directions with 2 and not more batteries at all. So I came to the following circuit:

Need a good dc motor driver?

Hi all I have a quick question. I have a couple DC drill motors and gear boxes and I wont to make a robot. I am looking for a 20ish amp motor controller. I either need a dull one of two single ones. What do you all recommend? It needs to be able to plug into a regular receiver since I am going to be using a Dx7s and a simple dsmx receiver. I could be biger than 20 amps just I thought 20amps would be a good base line. I want to find something cheep like under $50.

motor driver suggestions - 6v 6a stall

I am looking for suggestions on how best to drive my Pololulu motors on my MopBot.  This bot is basically a swiffer mop attached to the bot which it pushes around so it requires more torque than the usual small bot I have done before.  These motors are rated 450 ma @6v with no load and 6 A stall.  I am using 6 NiMH AA batteries in series for about 7.2V - 7.5V although could go higher if needed.

Are Diodes Necessary in a H bridge circuit for motor braking?

Hie i am trying to build a mosfet motor driver using the schematic shown below. Do i need protection diodes for motor braking as indicated by those red squares and are they facing the right way?

Differencial Drive using one PWM and 4 GPIO

I want to make a differencial drive using only one PWM and 4 GPIO pins, because the motors always move in the same speed irrespective of their direction. So I have designed this H-Bridge Motor Driver, I want to make sure it works, before trying it out practically.



Using WiFi Bot Control (Android app), you can remotely control the robot and view an IP Camera video stream. I built the app as well.
Using a
Wifi Bot Control is an Android app that allows you to remotely control a robot (or other device) via WiFi. You can also (optional) view a video stream from an IP … Read more

can Dual H bridge 2A motor driver work with DAGU Rover5 chasis (2.5 stall current)


i was planning to Buy "Rover 5" 2 Dc motor , 2 encoder chassis from hobbyking with other accessories. however as a motor driver i found - "H-Bridge Motor Driver" which provides output to 2 motor but max current is 2A. whereas stall current for the motor is 2.5A. can i run the rover 5 without burning the motor driver?



Driver: L298

Need help in choosing the board or microcontroller

I have been searchinf for hours adnd now I have came here to get some help in my problem.
I wanna control 6 dc motors of 48V. I wanna run them through image processing, So kindly suggest me some board or microcontroller for this. I have looked at arduino and raspberry pi. But I am confused which one I should get??????

And my next question is that I have calculated distance b/w object and my robot through image processing, now how I can send this distance to robot's motor that should move for some specific time???????????

making your own wild thumper controller


just curious, has anyone ever tried to make their own motor controller like the wild thumper? with the fuses and everything, using arduino uno? i wanna try my hand at making one from recycled stuff.

L298 problem

I'm making a robot and I'm using an L298 to drive 2 DC hobby motors (specifically, the tamiya twin gearbox). For some reason, the L298 give out 3.4V on its outputs when applying logic low to the corresponding input. Does anyone know why this is? I am going by the example schematic in the datasheet, using 5V for logic power supply and 9V for motor power supply.

Too high voltage drops across different TIP-based motor drivers?

So, I needed to drive a couple of mystery motors I've harvest from a "electric shaving kit". I had a big motor, extracted from the electric razor and a tiny motor extracted from the nose pliers.

My needs:

big motor -- drive it one way; small motor -- drive it both directions

Case 1: Handling the big motor

Wild Thumper Controller Left/Right speed way off


i'm using a Wild Thumper controller on a DFRobot 4wd chassis and motors.
I noticed if I set a certain speed, there's a lot of difference between the left and right wheels.

But it is not consistent. The speed tends to equal out after a few seconds.

And it is dependent on the direction. e.g.: going forward starts with left going faster than right, and with going backwards it starts with right going faster than left... weird....

 The effect is worse with higher speeds...

Any ideas?


Second set of eye's on a sn754410 driver setup

wired up


Note green LED(yes it's set up in the correct orientation and even when I hook up a vmeter I don't see a voltage) is not lit up.(red is power indicator) I feel like amature hour here with this simple circuit yet can't seem to get it to work. Tried 2 different chips. Recommendations are welcome...I only spent this morning looking at it....

Motor Driver Choice Help


   I've built a Parallax Boe-Bot which has servo driven wheels but have decided to move to Arduino and dc motors. I do not have specific motors in mind yet just some salvaged ones to play with for now. So my questions are:

1 - Is it worth getting a driver shield/kit or should I save the money and try something like a l293d on my breadboard?

2 - What shield/board do you recommend? I was considering the following:

L298N Heatsink

  Does anybody know of a nice fitting heatsink for the L298N chip?  I know Digikey has a ton of heatsinks, but I am interested in the specific part numbers of heatsinks that LMR users have had positive experiences with.

  I know a lot of people just use salvaged heatsinks, but thats not really an option for me.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

bi-directional slow moving motor? and then some...

As my username indicates I have many questions, I am very new to electronics, but I've done enough building/tinkering to feel comfortable attempting a fairly ambitions project... a very unconventional cuckoo clock. The first and most basic challenge I have is to have a motor turn 180 degrees very slowly, then back 180 at the same speed or faster. This would happen on the hour and involve additional actions such as door flaps opening and then closing, as well as sound to sync with the action. 

Need help choosing a microcontroller and motor driver for a certain robot!

I am thinking of building a robot and I need help choosing a microcontroller and motor driver(s). I was thinking of something like the Arduino, Axon II, Motoruino, or Orangutan SVP-328. Something with a USB programming interface would be nice. The robot I intend on making should have about drive 3+ servos, 2 motors/motor driver (maybe with encoders), two ultrasonic rangefinders, LCD, and maybe some other sensors (buttons, gyros, etc). Any other microcontrollers you could suggest would be helpful. 

The Robot Builder's R-duino

June 24th, 2011.

I've been asked if I can make a board similar with the Robot Builder's Shield that also has the microcontroller on board and is compatible with regular Arduino shields. Not an easy task to do if I want to keep it with through hole components, but it's a challenge.

So I have designed a first prototype of the Robot Builder's Arduino R-duino. Features:

BLDC HDD motor driver


My brother and I have been working on building a propeller clock and have salvaged two old harddiskdrive motors for the project. Our knowledge with these BLDC motors is very limited though and we are not sure how to build our own driver circuit.

The first motor has 3 leads and while the PCB from that harddisk is fried now, I did get the opportunity to take some measurements. Between one of the leads and the two others I measured a 7V and a 12V squarewave at 3.4kHz.

push-pull tri-state motor driver

I am working on a small bot that will use 1.5v pager motors and run from 2 AAA batteries.  The brains will be an 8 pin PIC. So I am looking for ways to conserve pins as much as possible.  I have been inspired by the Y bridge  and tri-stating work that I have seen here, but I am really aggressivly trying to reduce the part count on this bot.

this robotic turtle is my second wheel bot.the body design was refer thinkbots.com's article. i diy a arduino board with rs232 bootloader.i am going to make a … Read more

motor selection......



the weight of my robot is 12-14kg.....i am having a serious problem in selecting motors...


motors must must have good rpm

must have torque 

must  have feedback (for differential drive , positioning and controlling)

must have power to drive 12-14kg.....


plz provide me guidance..........