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Trouble with servos!

I’m working on a robot that’s supposed to place dominoes in a track. As part of the design, there’s an arm that grabs and places the dominoes.

How To: Arduino to Parallax Serial Terminal

Well folks, I finally got around to doing this...

tracked robot

We are building a tracked robot based on the dagu rover 5, With as brains the BASIC STAMP 2.

We need some help with the command lines to get the thing moving.

We have tried several commands like pulsout pwm, But due to a faulty driver board got three channels running fourth channel the board started smoking got repleasement board in now, But are very hessitant to start testing again with more smoke.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Joep and Jean

Leo navigates around a room autonomously avoiding walls and other objects.
Using a
Why Leo 1.2? I decided to name this robot Leo in honor of one of my heroes, Leonardo da Vinci. Plus, I thought it was a really cool name for a robot! I called him … Read more
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navigate in various ways, teach me about robotics
Using a
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Complete Newbie - College Project - audio question

Hello all,

I am completely new to robots and it seems like it's gonna be a lot of fun.  I am in a college class right now with a project of designing a robot.  Here is what I know:  We are using parallax microcontroller (I think... Board of Education Rev C), and I have gotten familar with the basic terminollogy.  My team plans on making a simple bot like the start here version, except bigger, with tracks, a nice cover, and some lights.  However, we really want to incorporate some audio clips and music...

Analog, Serial, Motor Control, Audio, Video, Xbee, Bluetooth, PWM... Everything!
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Is the POP-BOT arduino microchip compatible with the BOE-BOT developer board?

I have an Inex POP-BOT which came with an arduino-like microchip, and was thinking of getting a BOE-BOT, which uses a Board of Education with a BASIC stamp microchip attached to it. Now my question is, there two chips seem to look identical in size, and can both be detached from their respective developer boards, so what I'm wondering is, would they be interchangeable?

This is John Joseph, otherwise affectionately known as J.J. This is a Parallax BoeBot with some custom modifications. The most obvious mod is the color of J.J.'s … Read more
Autonomous Roaming using 3 holonomic wheels
Using a
As promised, I added one more vid of omniBOT (aka Jon Tyler) to this listing.  J.T. is an autonomous roamer with three servos attached to holonomic wheels. Code … Read more

Parallax Incremental Rotary Encoder

I've found an awesome rotary encoder (I believe it was the smallest on Rootshop) but I have no idea how to use it? I believe there's an input, a ground and a signal pin, but I don't know how to configure it or anything. I'm going to be using it with an arduino.

I've digged the web and have found no documentation. Just sayin

Thanks ;)This thing is approximatively a 2,5 cm cube

Maxsonar ez1 vs srf05 vs parallax ping


I'm new to this forum and i would like to know a few things.

Which one of the following ultrasonic rangefinders do you prefer.

I know that the ez module is designed for indoor environments but i would like to use my robot outdoors

as well,do the ping and the srf05 would outdoors as well.

My robot is going to be a basic obstacle avoiding robot for otudoor and indoor use.

I know the ez is accurate to about 1 inch,what about the accuracies ofthe srf05 and ping but this is really not going to

12Blocks Now supports Parallax Robot Control Board (MSR1) used in Parallax Stingray Robot

As of this morning, roboteers who use the Parallax MSR1 (Robot Controll Board) in their robots and use the built in motor ports can now use 12Blocks to directly drive their robot.

It uses a modified version of the SRMotorControl Object found in the Parallax Object Exchange (slight modifications to accommodate the 12Blocks motor protocols

There is a new hardware profile called Stingray (May change to MSR1) available from your 12Blocks screen. When saved to RAM or EEPROM, The drivers are loaded into your robot and away it goes.

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Propeller Expo 2010, Chicago

Just a note that the 2010 Propeller expo is coming up! I think Jeff is planning three, the first will be in Chicagoland (which I've learned means 'Outside Chicago') on May 15.  The other 2 will be later this year in Norwalk, OH & Rocklin, CA.  There's robotics stuff as well as more general microcontroller projects, food, presentations, etc.  Last year, the AttoPilot guy did a presentation about his awesome project (youtube video), which I thought was really interesting.


Parallax Propeller Expo 2009 - West

On 2009.06.28 I went to the Propeller Expo at the headquarters of Parallax in Rocklin, CA. USA.

Help for resetting Parallax Servo Controller

I'm using the PSC to control 4 servos of a robotic arm. 2 switches are used to select the 2 default positions.

When a switch is activated, the servos do not respond. They only do after the reset button on the PSC is pressed.

I'm wondering is it possible to write a code to reset the PSC instead of doing it manually.


Anyone done it before?

Price: $59.99 USD
The MLX90614 Infrared Thermometer Module is an intelligent non-contact temperature sensor with a 10° field of view and a serial interface for easy connection to … Read more

Continuous Rotation Servo & Picaxe

Ok, so I finally got all my gear set up to build robot numero uno, but Im goin friggin nuts trying to control my continuous rotation servos from parallax. Im using a picaxe 18x to produce the code, but no matter what pulsout or servo commands I use, my servo's only go clockwise.I NEED them to be able to go counterclockwise  for my differential drive train to work right. I have read every post on LMR about servos and have tried a lot. I have read their parallax data sheet and that they should respond based upon the pulse width, but no go.