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Digital Microcontrollers in Parallel

Hey everyone, it's me again.

I originally posted this because I thought that I had an idea that was mostly unheard of. But it wasn't.

Move an end effector in 3 dimensions without rotating the effector on any axis
Using a
All my projects & progress are available at marginallyclever.com. I design kits to teach others about building robots and the STEM concepts.  This delta robot … Read more

pins specification

i need to know the pin configurations of usb,serial,and parallel ports of a computer.....someone make me understand about the micro processor DDR,registor,address,etc evrythig related to a micro processor..

Voltage regulators in parallel

Hi guys, i'm planning to make a robot which requires 12V,5V and 3.3V power lines regulated from a approx. 15V battery.Would it work if i used 3 voltage regulators(one from 15 to 12V,one from 15 to 5V and another one from 15 to 3.3V) connected in parallel? Or is there another way of getting 3 different regulated voltages from one power source (the 15V battery) thanks. 

Iphone controlled XMOS powered UGV robot!

Another XMOS robot I have found, made by people at University of Denver.

Demonstration of XMOS real-time ability. This test is running 8 independent tasks: gps task, ultra-sonic task, compass task, wifi receive task, wifi transmit task, pwm output task, behavior task, status led task:



Control of a ground vehicle via XMOS microprocessor and iPhone through wifi:

XMOS based XC1 robot which tracks your hand

Just happened to find this on youtube. Is not by me, but is a cute video none the less so I thought I would share it:

Cute little XMOS XC1 robot

Parallel port control for a Mac

Anyone have experience with controlling a parallel (8 or more lines) output on a Mac (OS X)? I want to control my CNC machine with a parallel interface but Macs don't have parallel ports anymore. I need to find a suitable replacement, but a serial port/MCU would drastically complicate things. Please help! What hardware should I get?

Would anyone be interested in an XMOS challenge?

UPDATE: If you have a YouTube account or use YouTube, add/view our "MyXMOS" channel for latest videos and XMOS news!



The 9.9 version of the XMOS Development Tools is now available: