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Phidgets! Summer is over!

Wow, I must be the slowest robot builder in the world lol.  I've been playing with this idea for a couple of years now lol. Winter is my phidget time! Here is a video of the software I am creating to work with a SES and Lynx6 arm using phidgets.  The video shows how i've created the same movement delay for my full robot arm that I have for each individual servo using inverse kinematics.

Hoping to come up with something reasonable to control this arm over the web on my webpage.  Probably an overly complicated internet dog feeder or something using distance and touch sensors.

Robots, dogs, and tortillia

Hello again.  I'm starting to feel a bit shameful.  I hope I am not posting too many videos.  Is this OK?

Ok.  So, I'm doing all this on the fly.  I'm sorry I haven't posted anything about the hardware or the software I'm using.  I'm still creating the software to control my robotic arms with phidgets.  I'm having alot of fun with it too.