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This is a simple robot that I made for my cousin, it only uses 2 LDRs, 2 geared motors, and a 555 timer IC. I reused a Tamiya Tank tread kit and gearbox for … Read more

photoresistor to control servo

After looking up some info on photoresistors and finding some good info on this site http://www.societyofrobots.com/schematics_photoresistor.shtml ....  i set up a voltage divider using the photoresistor and had it connected with a led ... which would light up or turn off depending how much light was getting to the photoresistor. I then thought it would be cool to connect this to my arduino and controll a servo .... similar to the set up using the potentiometer ...

Navigate via ultrasound and light, controlled by IR.
Using a
  Hi, This is my first project and I am a big dumb in electronics... :) so, if u see I'm doing or saying something wrong or stupid please tell me :) Mr. P stands … Read more
Navigate in various ways, teach me about robotics
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Hello!!!! This is my first microcontroller robot (besides the Boe-Bot). I decided to learn to use the Arduino because it didn't seem to hard to learn, had a lot of … Read more