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Setting up an interrupt properly

For school this year we are making picaxe 08m robots and have a sheet of funtions we need to fill out. This one is attempting to seek shade It needs more work but right now i just need help with the interrupt code,  I have this code here

symbol light = pin3
symbol movment = w0
setint %00100000,%00100000

if light = 0 then low 1
if light = 0 then gosub find
if light = 1 then high 1 low 2 low 4
goto top

Avoid Obstacles, Search for charging station when battery is low.
Using a
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Automated Light Switch - Laziness Prevails!

The Video explains all.

This is my automated light switch, built in a little under 2 hours. Just one application that a servo can be used for.

The servo is just mounted on some hastily cut masonite, the triangular brackets are just glued to the main board with PVA, and everything else is held together with double sided foam tape.