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picaxe 28

Connecting TSOP38238 IR Receiver to AXE020 + 28x1

Hello LMRians,

I am using a Picaxe 28x1, and AXE020 project board and a TSOP38238 IR Receiver

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I'm confused with how to control my rover 5

Hi all,

I have a few questions, which may be a bit stupid but I am new to robotics.

I have a picaxe 28 pin project board, a rover 5 4WD robot platform with encoders, a parallax ping ultrasonic sensor and a standard servo.

I am planning on making an autonomous robot like that on the start here instructions.

I have found out that my picaxe won't be able to power the rover 5. So I am looking at buying the Dagu 4 channel motor controller. Will I be able to controll the rover 5 4WD and encoders, the servo and ping sensor if I buy this motor controller?

Dagu rover 5 power supply

Hi, I have already made the start here robot and I am now moving this idea onto the dagu rover 5 robot chassis. When I turn the robot on it moves very slowly I think this is because the motors are designed for 5-7 volts and the 3 AA baterries are just under 5 volts and that there are 4 motors to power. If I use the 6 AA battery holder that comes with the chassis I am guessing I will need to use resistors so that the sharpe IR sensor recieves the correct voltage and not way too much. However, I do not know where to conect the resistors on my picaxe 28 project board.

Help with V2 on picaxe 28

While I have used my picaxe board for alot, I have never used multiple power sources on it. I have read the "Picaxe for dummies" but I feel like Im missing something. is there anyone who has a pic of thier 28 board hooked up with 2 power sources? I just need to see the wiring. Also, I'll be connecting it to 6 "AA" batteries as power (its a hacked RC car) Is that any problem? Thanks all, the sooner I figure it out, the sooner dog-bot lives!!!

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Compatable motors for picaxe 28???

Guys i got some motors as part of another kit, im just wondering will my picaxe 28 from the SHR be able to drive them ok with out burning out.

All i know about them is whats on this spec sheet


Source for a USB PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack

Does anybody know where on teWeb I can find a USB Picaxe 28X1 Starter Pack that's in stock and available in the US. Solarbotics lists them, but they're out of stock (and out of stock on the SHR robot bundle). HVW Technologies, a division of Solarbotics operating out of the same building, says that they do have it in stock, but then I discover that they're both in Calgary, so shipping costs approximately 30% of the cost of the product. (Presumably their shipments are not being affected by the current Canadian mail strike.) Anyway, all I want to do is buy a USB Picaxe 28X1 Starter Pack.

Picaxe 28 circiut board robot

I am trying to make the robot in the start here section.  The motors work when I hold the wires to batteries but when I try to attach them to the board they don't work.  I have followed the instructions carefully and soldered the wires to the pins (as I don't have connecters).  I have tried several times and am still stuck.  This robot is for a school project and has to be ready in two days.  I really don't know what to do can anyone help?


Add a speaker to the Start here robot

Hello everyone!  First off let me say that I am very very new to this and im learning. 

Edge Detection

I've noticed a lot of robots with edge detection, to prevent them falling off edges (obviously).

I'm curious as to the type of sensor used for this. I'm assuming it's IR, but are people using an off the peg sensor, or making their own?


The Bromz.

Bumper switch help

Hi all,

So I got most of my robot parts. I still don't have any kind of sensor for the front, which is fine for the moment. I'll buy one when I have more cash.

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Mr. General Picaxe programming

Last weekend my Mr. General set arrived, and I put it together. It's working, for the most part...I've written out some simple programs for my 28x1 picaxe and tested all the individual parts.  I can turn all the servos, read the light meter readings from the eye in debug mode, and make the LEDs flash.  But the included code to run it all together doesn't seem to work (the robot just sort of twitches) and I am looking for some inspiration from other bits of code to try out.  So if anyone has Mr. General code to share, I'd be interested.

SRF05 with common in/out pin

I'm trying to get the PICAXE-28x1 to work with the SRF05 usnig a common input and output pin. The reason is I want to conserve my input and output pins. I've seen discussions on this site about it, but I don't know if anyone ever succeded.

Since the 28x1 allows you to reconfigure digital inputs as digital outputs, I figured it should be possible to use "Mode 2" of the SRF05 with a commmon single input and output.

Here's the code I tried. I also tried some varations the timing, as noted.  No luck so far.

servo servo PICAXE

Alright all, very simple question:

I have a picaxe 28x1 board

It will have 7 servos

Those servo's will have to move arms and body parts

I am looking at these:


question 1:

Is continous okay?

question 2:

are they good?


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Programming Help (PICAXE 28)

Below is the code I am trying. I stole it from a book. I figured it was an easy one to start with, but I have a few questions. Can someone explain what TRISB and PORTB are? Also what exactly does POKE do? It looks like it is creating variables LED (at port 0), TRISB and PORTB. When I run the simulator on the code it gives a syntax error on Symbol PORTB = $06 and says Poking at this address is not recommended (POKE TRISB, 0). Can anyone help me understand what this is doing prior to the AGAIN: tag (I put the lines in bold)?