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picaxe 8

Navigate around via ultrasound
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This is the third version of Primo. It has ultrasound sensor and bumper. I used my Aperia Arc S like webcam . Read more

Downloading to a picaxe not as consistent as i would like

 Has anyone every encountered an issue where your connections are correct for the picaxe download circuit but for some random reason the Programme Editor only detects your chip sometimes with no alteration to the setup it detcts it one minute and not the next. once it does the program works.

code now loaded by chance:

 symbol green_led = 4

symbol yellow_led = 1

symbol red_led = 2

symbol wait_green = 30000

symbol wait_yellow = 500

symbol wait_red = 30000


simple avoidance robot
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Well I have finally started my first bot for this site.   This is basically a re-build of a robot I made around a year ago, using the Picaxe School experimentor … Read more
Shows how far you can get with very few and cheap materials
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If the Google video is not working, please see the video here I proudly present part II of the "Little 8"-project!All I did was actually to cut the bumper's wire, … Read more
Very cheap but fun little beginners robot. It think' it has a brains within a Picaxe 8
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Edit: Check out this nice clone: https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/8386 From building big, nasty, with large shovel, 2 cores, multiple sensors, … Read more