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PICAXE28x1, Sharp IR Sensor and Infrared sensor problems

Hi everyone,


I'm making a robot project for my mechatronics course and I am using picaxe28x1 with an infrared range sensor that I just copied from the Start Here post here at LMR. I did everything, and exactly the same set up like what the guy did. Howeve because we are required to make at least one of our own infrared circuit, I added an infrared sensor (with a transmitter and receiver circuit and a LED indicator) circuit together with the servo and the Sharp IR sensor. I did the set up and wrote my program but it's not doing the job.

how to program an esc

I am not knowing how to use a  picaxe28x1 to control the speed of an esc .I have seen the post of tomda888 regarding this which was no use to me. I have the following questions:-

1) how to attach the esc to the brushless motors?

2) where to attach the esc to picaxe 28x1?

3) what is the program to be entered?



any help will be appreciated

Thank You


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Failed at the first hurdle!

Hello guys,

I'm asking for advice as I've failed at the first hurdle with my Start Here Robot. I thought I would first make an LED flash using the PICAXE chip but so far I cannot connect to the chip to upload the software!

I am using a PICAXE28X1 and an AXE020 project board as bought in the lovely Start Here bundle!

Lcd 16x2 and Picaxe 28X1

hi i am going to buy a 16x2 lcd screen from ebay and need to know how to connect it to the picaxe 28x1 board

the lcd screen is the same as this one

any help is appreceated