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Batteries Got Exhausted in Few Seconds

I am building myself a simple robot car.

Simply, an A10 Olinuxino board  (my first false start because of the hard work of interfacing the ultrasmall 0.05'' pins header) interfaced with a Pololu Dual Motor Driver (https://www.pololu.com/product/2130)

To move forward, backward, left an right, I use a simple Web Interface which sends Ajax commands to a Python Web Server I wrote.

Need help with code for Pololu controller

I'm hoping someone is can help me with this code. It uploads ok, but the motors don't run.  Pololu suggested that the libary needs to be update. I'm new to Aurduinos and its beyond my abilities. Any help is appreciated!






include <CompactQik2s9v1.h>    // From pololu.com or ARB Support Site
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

#define rxPin 3
#define txPin 2
#define rstPin 4


motor driver suggestions - 6v 6a stall

I am looking for suggestions on how best to drive my Pololulu motors on my MopBot.  This bot is basically a swiffer mop attached to the bot which it pushes around so it requires more torque than the usual small bot I have done before.  These motors are rated 450 ma @6v with no load and 6 A stall.  I am using 6 NiMH AA batteries in series for about 7.2V - 7.5V although could go higher if needed.

PID Tutorials for Line Following

Hey there guys. This post is outdated. Visit https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/39972 for the updated tutorial.

Hello LMRians,

In this writeup, I will try to create a tutorial for tuning your robot using PID to follow a line. This tutorial won't go deep down into the details of PID and its applications but will just attempt to show how a robot can be tuned with the PID parameters to follow a line.

Hopefully moves around and scares the cats.....
Using a
My fourth robot and my first quadruped, influenced by Chopsticks Junior and Jeffrey The Quadruped. Built using: Read more
A robot that can crawl or turn into a circle and roll itself around for locomotion.
The TROLLER 1D is my newest robot project.  The concept uses a series of simple 'links' to make up the TROLLER.  Its locomotion can be similar to that of … Read more

Pololu Plastic Gearmotors and PWM.

Does anyone know what's the best frequency to switch at when you're driving the 120:1 Pololu plastic gearmotors with PWM via a L293?

These motors : http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1125

Hello world! This is my very first robotic project. I made a 5 degrees of freedom manipulator arm completely from scratch. First thing i want to say is that this … Read more
20/11/11 This is my new autonomous line following bot starting to take shape and a much more slicker design than my last bot attempt. It's made out of clear … Read more

For Halloween I Gave My Robot a Brain, or Fun With a Backpropagation Neural Network

I’ve long been fascinated by the concept of artificial intelligence and its application to robotics.

My first full project. This is a suprisingly capable little robot built on top of a R/C crawler chassis I found at a local thrift store. It can handle hills and … Read more

Tank track assembled

I said in my last blog entry that I wanted to play with the sensors first, and I did a bit, but I decided to go ahead and assemble the chassis and drivetrain first.  I got the Tamiya track and wheel set, the dual gear box and the universal plate set.  All this stuff is meant to work together, but the directions are in Japanese and it took a bit of kajiggering to get working right.  In particular, it gives you no real hints about how many of the track sections to use, you just have to estimate and if you get it wrong, take it apart and try again.

Mixed power sources, stepper motors, arduino, and pololu stepper driver

I'm building a 3D printer and I'm a little over my head. Right now I'm trying to make sure most of my components play nice with each other with some simple code and only one motor.  Here's my set-up:

Seeeduino Mega fully Assembled

I have a seeeduino mega. More on the pinouts later. It's being powered via USB and I don't know if that's okay.


Molon Mystery

Test bed for a 6 legged, 3 servo walker.
Using a
I was so impressed by the video of the Pololu hexapod walker I thought I'd have a go at one of my own.  This is a rebuild of my initial attempt using a PicAxe … Read more
Walks forward and backward, turns in place, avoids obstacles.
Using a
This is a simple three-servo hexapod robot using the Pololu Micro Maestro as a controller.  The Micro Maestro allows allows me to sequence gaits and integrate … Read more

Qik 2s9v1 Motor Control Code

Update!  I answered my own question....I found that this motor controller has a max PWM of 127 not 255.  Once I changed that, I was okay!


HI Guys,


Makes your servo moves in a smooth way
                          I’ve been working on this for a while and finally I have the courage to post the results. Read more
Dead reckoning, line following, maze solving
Using a
I'm building this fast robot for the upcomping LVbots mini-competition, which will include dead-reckoning and looped maze-solving contests.  I'm using: Read more

Can I get a little help ?

I need a little help with my Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller.... I am trying to use it with my arduino robot but I have no clue where to start code wise  ... where can I get sample code ... or even a guide on how to code for it .. I am sort of stuck on  this .... any help is appreciated greatly :)



I want an arduino feivel...

would it be possible to have an arduino use led's as sensors?  like this ---> https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/272

 If so how would I code it ?


how to program for pololu on arduino...

now that I got my pololu controller how do i use it with arduino? (as in coding)



My pololu controller came !!!

Sweetness my pololu controller came,(Dang that thing is small :)

I just finnished my SAT test  (I am home schooled so that means no more school untill september!! :),

and I just  got a summer job, this week is so awesome !!!!! :P

 so here comes the hard part, coding :)