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Sad story about Chopstick Junior and Campus Party Berlin 2012

Well, let me begin with an introduction of the robot and the event but you need to promise me to read it to the end...or just the end if you don't have time.

LMR Donor Drawing II

As most of you know, we are planning another robotically-selected drawing to pick winners for our five LMR Donation donor prizes. 

This contraption was created to pick winners for the 2nd LMR Donation Drawing. See the included video for a demonstration. At the heart of the LMR Prize Picker is … Read more

Building Robots Just Got More Profitable!

This isn't really a video, but an article about DARPA offering a pretty nice sized prize for building a robot that can complete their set of tasks!

Definitley something to consider!


Make April LMR Donation Month - Spread the Word!

Hey, everone. 



We should try for a BIG PUSH all during April to get the word out about the LMR fundraising. We are thousands of people, so the best way to reach people is to use our numbers to our advantage.


Has anybody checked out this challenge.gov site?

Gadget Gangster Design Competition

Hey Guys - Long time lurker.  I'm the Gadget Gangster guy.  We did a contest a while back and a lot of lmr folks got involved, so I thought I'd let people know about our newest contest.

My prize came !

I just received the prize for the dot contest ... and I can't believe I have gone this long without a multimeter ! :)

Thanks alot Frits !