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Serial vs I2C communication

Hi, please, can you tell me difference between I2C and Serial communication and which is the best for communication Raspberry Pi 2 with Arduino (T'Rex Controller). Thanks

Using PiFace but still using I2C

I got a PiFace Display in the mail not too long ago, and just cracked it open.
I got it as a tester to write a review, because I wanted the LED display and the infrared on it.

Reads back content from the Shout Box
UPDATE: Added files and blog about the project. It has been a dream of mine to have the Shout Box read to me so I can feel like there are people of my ilk hanging … Read more

Cheap yet relative accurate signal sensors

Thanks for visiting the nuthouse!
Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out a relatively cheap, yet accurate, distance-sensative sensor.

So, the end question is, does anyone know of a sensor type that can be mounted on an arm,
that moves from 0 degrees to 180, 6 inches apart, to detect my location by something I'm carrying?

-From what I've read, the standard RFID chips don't usually even cover 5 feet.
-I've tried bluetooth, but the sensor strength fluctuates too much for a clear reading,

Interfacing motors from RPi with PicAxe

I've successfully hooked up the my RPi to my Picaxe for interfacing through this link:

I can successfully return the variables from B1 to my RPi.
However, I'm new to Python and  basically want to get started by writting motor control.

Motor just buzzes, no movement

I'm trying to follow this tutorial:


Now, while I'm not too familiar with Breadboards, since I dont have one, and can't afford one right now, I've had to take it into my own hands to carefully solder wires between the points. I seem to have everything done, but when I start the program, the motor DOES start a buzzing sound (don't hear it when the program is NOT running) which indicates I'm at least partway right.


So my questions are,