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How do you do precision positioning

for a school project i'm making a robot that is connected via bluetooth to my pc and I need to have it's exact position and it has to be able to drive in a straight line.

Does anyone know what kind of sensor would be best to use and in what way it should be programmed??

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PID Tutorials for Line Following

Hey there guys. This post is outdated. Visit https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/39972 for the updated tutorial.

Hello LMRians,

In this writeup, I will try to create a tutorial for tuning your robot using PID to follow a line. This tutorial won't go deep down into the details of PID and its applications but will just attempt to show how a robot can be tuned with the PID parameters to follow a line.

Fast vision sensor for Arduino


It does 50 frames per second and they are "giving it all away" so to speak.  Software, schematics, board layout.... worth a look.   

Capacitive touch switch for large (larger than human) metal objects

Hi All,

I'm trying to make a capacitive touch switch that I can integrate into large metal objects and turn them into sensors.  Think of there being a 400lb engine on a pedistol (assume the entire object body is conductive), I want to have it where when a person touches the engine a video is triggered elsewhere in the room.

A particular sensor

Hello. So I reread the rules and am going to pose my dillema as specifically as I can. I've been researching it for a couple weeks and am still stumped, so please bear with me...I'm just a beginner.


Here is the problem I am trying to solve, posed metaphorically.

What sensor exists, that would allow you to detect a particular tennis ball being dropped into a bucket, only that tennis ball, and no others? What would I have to attach to the bucket AND that one tennis ball that could detect and alert me it just passed into the bucket?

Line Following Sensors

Hello everyone,

I am making a line following robot for a competition in Australia called "Robocup Junior". It involves following a line, also, taking shortucts indicated by a green square. At the suggestion of one of the friendly LMRians I invested in an IR Sensor board that can follow the line perfectly. The only problem I have been having is that white and green have the same readings (must be a problem with infra-RED and GREEN being different, or something:)

So I am creating this thread to see if anyone has had any experience with any light or colour (color) sensors.


At 64 years of age I am finally building my own robot! The first robot I saw was Mr Robotham at the Schoolboys Own Exhibition in 1955! (Google images will find it for you.)

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Hi all!


I'm totally new at this, but I want to learn it!
I have an idea for a RoomBot.
It will be a bot that checks the room for it conditions. (Temperature, co2,...)

More concrete:

how to make object detection sensor?


    I have succesfully made my first robot and now want to add an object detection and line following sensor. Which is the best sensor  for object detection and line following .Or somthing that can be home made.

Line robot sensor

Hey guys, i want to build a line following robot and I was scouring ebay for some sensors


I found these but I wasn't sure if they would work, as I haven't done this before. They're pretty cheap.

Trolley speed control

Imagine that you want to have a kind of "automated control" for a trolley (i.e. a golf trolley). What kind of automation system would you use?

The basic requirements would be the follwoing ones:

- Trolley is stopped, you push it and it starts due to the force of the push.

- The trolley accelerates in order to reach the speed at which you're walking.

- When the trolley is having the same speed than the person walking behind it the force on the trolley handle is almost nul and the trolley runs at this speed.

3x Ultrasonic sensor

Hi I have problem with reading value from 3 ultrasonic sensor. I use Atmega644P and trig is conected to PD5-PD7, but echo from all sensors conected to PD2. I tried read value and wrote to LCD. When I disconnected all sensors the some values are on LCD, but when I connected all sensors and click to reset the LCD is clear.

infrared sensors

I've got two sets of phototransistors and infrared emitters put together to make two IR distance sensors. They are both connected in the same way, both powered by my Arduino Uno, both with the same resistor, etc. But when I check the values I'm getting from them, one of them ranges from about 980 - 1010, with the higher value closest to the sensor. The other, however, goes from about 350 - 570, with the higher value the furthest from the sensor.

navigate in various ways, teach me about robotics
Using a
Hi! MAEP 2.0 is the second version of MAEP (please check it out if you haven't already). I won't go into all the details about things that are the same as the … Read more
The heart lights up when you hug him
Hi, this project was my christmas present to my girlfriend this year. What it does is that every time the bear is hugged, the heart fades in, pauses, and then fades … Read more

Making a fire sensor (question)

With a bit of circuitry can this IR phototransistor replace the following sensor? 

IR phototransistor:http://arduino-direct.com/sunshop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=209


I plan to interface it with an Arduino

For multiple type sensor robots which is better

For robots that have multiple types of sensors, like adding touch sensors, light sensors, temperature sensors, and a mix, which is easier, Picaxe or Ardunio? Or is there a better microcontroller or setup? I know Lego's NXT has these abilties, but I wanted to know what other setups are out there that work really well or are the easiest to work with or put together.

How would you register the sligtest touch?



I have an idea for a really fantastic little project (IMO :) I'll show it later, but I have run into a little challenge that I did not see when I woke up in the middle of the night with the overal concept crystal clear in my head.

I need a "probe" - a small thin stick - like a long fat needle - to move forward towards an object, and with none, or only a slight touch, register when it touch the object.

Moisture sensor for your garden...so it measures moisture...
Headphone plug turned moisture sensor. For a little while now I've been looking at how to do a diy moisture sensor that I could use for my garden project. There … Read more
Simple Arduino Obstacle Avoidance
Using a
Hi guys, This is my first robot and I am having some difficulty moving forward with the project. I hope you can help The project is a simple Arduino obstacle … Read more

Multi-sensor obstacle avoidance


I want to take my Bliss Robot to the next level of "object avoidance". Please note that I just want the "next level", not the "ultimate level" (yet) ;-)

I got some advice from ignoblegome but I would like to openly ask which would that "next level" may be. I have seen several things out there:

Homemade : IR Object Detection with a range greater than 5cm (target is 10cm)

Has anyone successfully implemented object detection using IR for a range greater than 5cm. I am building a robot project from scratch with the personal challenge of making all parts homemade. The brainboard and motor controller were succesfully built but now that i want to do object detection using IR (without getting the sharpe module) I have issues with ambient lighting and range.