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Stops shorting out! ( will explore, line follow, etc )
Using a
Based on a ZipZap micro R/C car with a custom PCB and Pic16F88, this "Big Guy" is the start of my new, microbot. I've wanted to build a small robot for some time. … Read more

Using SMD resistors on a prototyping board


I'm thinking of using SMD (surface mounting resistors) instead of the normal ones (throught hole) on a prototyping board in order to save space.

It`s a good idea?

Or it will be easier using normal resistors?

I recently got in a few parts to complete my smd soldering station and I would like to share my experience along with you. I found that I have started wanting … Read more

miniature Arduino programming plug & other

As some of you may know i'm building miniature swarmrobots. I have finished first version of electronics and I'm in middle of designing second version. Second version will be much smaller and packs more features.

Drive around via infrared
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Because all robot kits cost enormous amounts of money I started to develop cheap and small robot – Kobold. Small because smaller components are cheaper, sensors … Read more

Just made my first SMD soldering

Today I made my first SMD soldering. This is where I started:

FT232RL and SSOP28 adapter

And this is what I ended up with: