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Walk around autonomously on any terrain
Using a
Hey guys, Long time since I attempted a legged robot. This will be my version of Bostom Dynamics RHex robot. I used polymorph to mould the whegs. My first attempt … Read more

Would the STM32F103C8T6 be enough for this project ?

I plan to build a robot that uses 4 encoders like these for each motor. Now I plan to use interrupts in order to calculate the RPM value based on the encoder signals. The code will also respond to the speed of the motor i.e. a sort of PID where the motor will spin slower when more torque is required.

DIY LED Sign with MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module STM8S003F3 MCU for AVR PIC MSP430 Arduino ARM STM32

To satisfy electronic DIY hobbyists, ICStation has developed MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module. It uses the Max7219 chip which do a great job on saving of MCU I/O. It can not only control each point individually, but also can be extended without limitation to meet your requirements on LED Sign, Team Logo and so on.

Good info or project about blob detection, line following or similar using camera and microcontroller

Hello all,

I decided to post here as a member since I have now spent many many hours without success to find what I'm about to ask.

I have an STM32F103 arm based board with 2.8" tft and a camera OV7670+fifo buffer memory bought cheaply from Ebay. Many hours I've struggled but I got it this far that I get qvga or qqvga (160x120 pixel) full color images from the OV7670 into my STM32 and show the image on the LCD. If somebody is interested, I'm willing to share the whole code.

Drives autonomous, avoids obstacles by using IR sensors, an measuring the wheels rpm. Could also be remote controlled through XBee.
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This is my first robot project. Primary goal of the project was to build a small robot which is able to drive autonomous as well as remote controlled by a human. … Read more

STM32F4 Discovery, what to do?

Okay, so I read a post on dangerous prototypes saying ST was giving away samples of these boards and I figured, why the hell not? So now I have this dev board sitting on my coffee table (I'm waiting on an A to micro-B cable so I can plug it in and play) whcih they got to me a whole two days after I submitted my request and can't decide what to do with it. So anyone have any ideas as to what I could/should do with it? Right now I don't even know how to get started, my only experience has been with an Arduino Uno, and even that is limited.