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Dudes and dudettes, i set you the challenge of creating a system to put on any robot of your choice. Try to show us this by making the robot shaake/ nod his head if … Read more

Joystick controlled vehicle drive system with independing wheels.

The idea that finally got me back into robot building. Or at least design using electroics.

The premise is to create a new drive system for a vehicle. I want to start small at first, then grow larger up to person carrying abilities. I have a lot of previous experience creating glorified RC cars for "robot" competisions, so I'm not trying to do anything autonomous, or even remote controled.

Flashes LEDs in cool 3D patterns
Using a
Video 3: Completed LED Cube with 8 patterns           Read more

Drive system

Hi guys!

In my everlasting search for... well, basically anything interesting on the interweb, I've come across the RD02 drive system. This is a pretty powerfull motorcontroller, packaged with 2 encoded motors.

Some random features are:

SSS - Servo Suspension System

This is my first experiment with the MakerBot. I am totally thrilled with this machine!!!

SSS (servo suspension system) is designed to support standard servo motors and act as a basic suspension. It is still a work in progress and has not been tested yet.

Will update results as soon as possible (still waiting to have my lab back).

I would like to know everyone's opinion on this  :)

Micro engineering system LAB X-1

I have two LAB X-1 at home, i had them for like 6 months, and I didn't know what they were, anyway it turns out to be a serial PIC Devboard with LCD and ZIF sockets, I was just looking to get an AVR ISP (USBtinyISP),  but I found these, do you know any free program and tutorial I could use with it ?  That maybe a dumb question but again PIC or AVR ?


P.S. Sorry if I am in the wrong forum section, since I dont know anything about PIC / PICAXE