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Timed Actuator ( automatic timed Button pusher )


I need to build an actuator, arm, robot or something which will press a button for me, I mean on a keyboard, alarm clock, or any other button, hold it pressed for some interval and then let go. I need to be able to configure this interval very precisely, up to 10th of a second. I was thinking of getting an actuator, and interfacing it with some mechanism which will allow me to set the timer very precisely. I am more into computer software than mechanical/electrical engineering, so please bear with me. 


Thanks in advance for any replies.

This is a simple robot that I made for my cousin, it only uses 2 LDRs, 2 geared motors, and a 555 timer IC. I reused a Tamiya Tank tread kit and gearbox for … Read more

arduino timer

I have an arduino severino s3v3, atmeg168  and  a  hcsr  ultrasonic sensor.

what i want is to start the timer when HCSR get an obstruction.

and stop it when the obstruction is clear.

I know the algorithm.bt I'm confused about using the proper function for counting time.

     (also after counting the time the function to reset it.)

Thanx in advance

How to use timer and interrupts on Arduino boards.
    Update 07/24/2013 04/24/2013 Example 3 has been updated to work with Arduino v1.x.Added ArduinoTimer101.zip examples source code for Arduino v1.x .    Read more

Timing interval between interrupts - which Picaxe?

Is this true? A Picaxe08M is awesome, except it will not give me a way to measure the time between interrupts?

Should I upgrade? Which Picaxe do you recommend? I am looking for a minimum pin count.

Don't say Arduino now, ya hear!

Yet another PWM Picaxe question

I am programming my Mr Basic with Mr Basic moron driver. I use a Picaxe 28x1. It is a very basic setup indeed, with a small servo carrying a sharp IR distance sensor.

After reading many pages of manuals and LMR and example code of other victims, I ran into a wall. It's the dreaded "PWM and servopos don't mix" wall on picaxes.

this would be your first chip
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