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Selling robots

Anyone ever had the idea of making and then selling toy robots? Or even useful robots? Or did anyone even did it and was somewhat succesful at making some money? This idea always appealed to me, to make homemade toy robots. Kinda feels like an idyllic idea to me, something I'd like to do for a living rather than anything else really. But I don't think it's very profitable. 

Avoids Obstacles and Light..
Using a
Phil Is Made of very light weight aluminum, milled to a 8x9 body and a max height of 6 inches. I prefer to use servos as his means of movement for the main reason … Read more

potential platforms

So I started doing a search of toys, mainly rc, to use as a base platform for a random project. I wanted it to also includ some features that would be useful or have at least some potential, and I came across this little gem. 


An Rc car, with a video camera and receiver display. Mind you the range and all might suck, but it does have potential for at least shortrange use.