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voltage regulator

Quick question - voltage regulators in parallel (sorta)

I have a 8.4V 2/3A 1100 mAh NiMH battery from an airsoft gun (charger was included!) and I read that the raspberry pi and most USB devices tolerate only up to 5.25V (okay I guessed 8,4 was way too much). I need to regulate it to 5V. I thought of using a low-dropout voltage regulator, but the shop nearby only seems to support voltage regulators of a max of 1.5A. I have calculated that my robot can have 3A surges if all systems are on and the motors are stalling (extreme scenario, but it might happen).

Step-down regulator problem

I've been using an LM2940CT-based regulator to power the logic on a Dagu 4ch motor controller. It's one of OddBot's designs from his walkthrough and it works just fine.

I decided to buy a Pololu D15V35F5S3 to replace it simply because it's much smaller than the one I built.

Regulates Voltage from 12V to 5V
One day every geek finishes something every other geek finished too: Hack a Mint Tin. Here is a voltage regulator that is hacked into a Mint Tin. In goes 12V, out … Read more
wander around the room not hitting things
Using a
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Question regarding voltage regulator Amp output

https://www.robotshop.com/ca/dimension-engineering-de-swadj.html Does this voltage regulator output strictly a 1.5A current or will it output as much as the load demands (I will have 8 or 9 DAGU microservos at 6V and I honestly don`t know how many Amps that takes but I would guess somewhere around 1.5?). I`m just getting really confused from reading all these data sheets... they`re driving me crazy! 

08M motordriver and power supply board


After a few weeks of waiting, my PCBs have arrived. I just soldered the components on the first one and it works like a charm. I had to drill out the holes for the resistors a bit and then solder the resistors on both sides of the board to get a good connection, but hey: this was also my first shot at having a PCB made and it works. Next time I'll be more careful checking out the dimensions in diptrace.

Voltage regulator problem

Hi, i recently added a sharp ir sensor, a servo, and a picaxe 8m to my robot, trix. The power supply i made for the picaxe board and sharp ir sensor assembly was simple and should have worked i thought, it was a five volt regulator from parallax, a 9volt bettery clip, and a 3 pin header for the power out (5volt reg, un regulated 9v, ground), However when i plugged the power supply into the picaxe board, my multimeter read only like 2.5 volts across the picaxe and the voltage regulator heat sink got so hot i burt my finger quite a bit.

Voltage Regulator?

The 3 volts from 2 AAA's that I was using for my small project isn't enough to make it speed across carpet due to the voltage loss across the components.  The motors end up getting about 2 volts instead of the full 3 they need to even move (I've tested it).  So, I wanted to just throw in another AAA and bump the whole thing up to 4.5V (I did the math ... all the components, including the LED's, would be fine).  Only problem is ... the robot (Blinky) is so small that there's no room for another AAA battery.