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Move autonomously, make its own decisions, help clean with different attachments, multi-terrain
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Hello! I'm new here


Hi there. I have seen a few videos from this website. I've even been told a few time to sign up, so here I am! :) Glad to meet you all! Lots of fun projects on here. I've been looking through the Robots and Blog area, some real neat stuff.

I'm a robot builder also, sorta, kinda. I spit out new ones often, so I may not have time to post them in the Robots section. But I really like the active forum here! I'll probably be around often. 

Here's a few links to some of my robots if you're interested:

Wall-e bot update

  I just recived my parts from Solarbotics.  Got the L293 Motor driver and two GM17 motors.  They are working great on 7.2v,  there alot better than the servos I had.  It is moveing the chassie around just fine! Now just need to put on the three sides and the head. 



 Image of the GM17 motor very nice.


A simple Wall-E robot I converted from a toy that had a tethered remote control. Doesn't do anything fancy but is cute. I wanted to do it as a challenge to see if I … Read more
Avoid obstacles, wake me up, water the plants.
Using a
09/06/09 I finished the latest cleaner head and mounted it temporarily on Ozzy with double sided tape. This is the 3rd revision of the vacuum head, the 2nd was made … Read more