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Wild Thumper 6W - Problem with motors or T-Rex controller (PWM signal)

Dear Sirs,

I need your help again because I don't know what is happening with the wild thumper motors or T'rex controller. I explain.

Wild Thumper with T'Rex and bluetooth module acting weird and unexpected

Welcome !

I've just received yesterday wild thumper 6WD with T'Rex controller, DAGU bluetooth module and 6DOF robotic arm .

As soon as it was possible i tried to set up chassis with controller and bluetooth module and have some fun with it. ( I was looking at the stairs near my flat for few weeks as one of the things i'll have to climb !! )

Wild thumper not responing - trouble shooting

Hello all, 

I am a beginner in Arduino, Electronics and Robotics - programming i can do. My Wild Thumper started to behaving weird. I fear that I have destroyed it, but I would like to hear your input.

Here is my setup: 

Wild Thumper 6WD & Encoders

Hi all!

I'm the owner of Wild Thumper 6WD without encoders. It's really hard to get WT 6WD with encoders or motors for that platform with encoders at the place I live in. So I have to solve this problem in different way. Could you help me with my questions?

1) In basic model of 6WD with encoders on which axis encoders are installed?

2) Does it make sense to put encoders on all six wheels?

Connect more than one battery to Wild Thumper 4WD

Hello all, 

I am a beginner in both robotics and electronics. I have read several places that the Wild Thumper has room for more batteries, but  no directions on how to connect them. Being new to electronics, I am not sure what implications an extra 7.2. 5000mah NIMH battery would have - or how to. 

I have tried find some ready-to-use wires on the internet shops. I guess it is so simple that it is simply not needed. Anyhow, help on this issue would be appreciated :-) 



GY-521 and motion in a straight line

Hello all

I have a few questions about using GY-521 MPU-6050 gyro. If you have experience - please, help. 

1) Different sources indicate different allowable voltage - 3.3V or 3.3 / 5V. Can I use it with my 5V Arduino?

2) Is GY-521 enought for motion in a straight line of such platforms as dagu 4wd/6wd wild thumper?

Many thanks in advance.




Getting Started with the 4WD Wild Thumper


This is my first post here.  I'm sorry if these are very basic questions.

Wild Thumper Responds Briefly to RC, then stops

[apologies, I was sure I posted this but cannot find any evidence of this post on the website. Please ignore if it is a dup]

I have a Wild Thumper on a standard Dagu chassis using the sample firmware.  Flysky 3-channel RC transmitter, hooked up to D0, D1.

7.2V nicad charged up and attached.  Demonstrated that the motors are driven using the diagnostic Arduino Wild Thumper code.

With the RC, I can get the motors to move in the right direction (power, steering) for maybe a 1/2 second then it stops dead.

This suggests something about the current sensing.

Wild Thumper, system sees USB but no option in Arduino port menu

I have a wild thumper.

I'm powering it with 5V 2A wall wart to battery +/-, as well as the usb plugged in and the charger power (which I realize isn't helpful).

Both a PC and a Mac recognize the USB is plugged in, making the appropriate FTDI entries in the device table.

However, I neither case do I see an option for any port in the Arduino port menu, so, of course I can't upload.

What should I be seeing as a port?

* I've been able to upload fresh 168P firmware using the appropriate instructions.

Wild Thumper Robot Controller: getting started autonomously

I'm a beginner in coding and I'm trying my best to work with the sample code, but now I've come to an impass. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong with this? http://pastebin.com/cFscTs6d 

I'm getting the error:

Wild_Thumper_Controller_Prototype.ino: In function 'void I2Cmode()':

Wild_Thumper_Controller_Prototype:357: error: a function-definition is not allowed here before '{' token

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Wild Thumper Controller - Packaged Software has Issues

If you are trying to used the Dagu motor controller with their Wild Thumper vehicle, which is great, but can't get it to respond properly to a RC tranmitter, make the following changes to the software. Get off D0 and D1 and move to D9 and D10, which are PWM channels. You don't want a PWM repetative pulses (every 22ms from a Spektrum transmitter) to clobber your serial interface when loading programs. This is why you get a sync error from the compiler if you follow the manual.

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Connecting 2 Firgelli L12 Servos to one RC Channel


I am a photographer in Alaska and last spring I started building a rc rover with a camera mounted on it to photograph wildlife. I used the Wild Thumper 6wd chasse and controller as the platform. It worked pretty well and I captured a few awesome images, but there were some design issues.  So this spring I am improving upon my design, however, I have ran into a small problem.

Wild Thumper gear Motor Stall

I have a question about expected torque from my Wild Thumper motors (34:1 gear ratio motors) powered with a 7.4v 40C battery using the Wild Thumper Controller.  My question is this, if i put the truck up on a stand, and give full forward power on the controller, the wheels over course start to turn.  But my concern is, that when I grab one of the wheels, i can keep it from moving without very much effect, effectively stalling that motor so long as i hold it while the others turn.

Faulty board?



I bought a card "Dual 15A Wild Thumper Arduino DC Motor Controller"

When I connect the battery (voltage OK) to the card the led "good battery" lights for a while and then goes off.

The "power" led is ON, the 5V output is ok, the corrent is about 40mA.

The board doesnt work.

Do I had to send the card to the seller or can I do  other controls.?

Thanks, Stefano

PS Sorry for my bad english language


Wild thumper 6wd with WTC

Ok so two questions today. I built my 6wd wild thumper with the wild thumper controller. Controlling it via rc tx futaba 7c 2.4ghz. It drives pretty great but it drifts a bit to the right when I push forward on the stick. When I have the WT up on my stand and I very slowly move my stick forward to the point of first wheel movement, the left wheels begin turning before the right. Does anyone know and troubleshooting steps I could follow to remedy this?

making your own wild thumper controller


just curious, has anyone ever tried to make their own motor controller like the wild thumper? with the fuses and everything, using arduino uno? i wanna try my hand at making one from recycled stuff.

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Break a leg, Wild Thumper!

I experimented a bit with video. The weather was perfect for it, as reported earlier.

One laptop with webcam streaming live from my balcony to ustream.tv. And my little 10fps camera on board. Then fool around until the batteries run dry.

Afterwards I found a problem in one of thumper's "legs". It limped. Exploratory surgery confirmed the great fear: a gear is missing some teeth. Oh well, we'll always have the photos.

Wild Thumper steel wire repair

While disassembling my Wild Thumper (for unrelated reasons), I discovered one of the steel wire suspension limiters had detached. So I decided to repair it with whatever I had in the house. Which happens to be copper wire and soldering tools.

Here's the problem:

Motor Control for 6WD Wild Thumper

Open call for suggestions:

I own a bare 6WD chassis "Wild Thumper" by Dagu, designed by Oddbot. And I have (2) "racing packs". Those are basically 6 NiCd cells in series, providing 7.2 Volts nominally. The motors are rated for 6 V. Stall current is listed as 5.5 A.

Even the most basic speed control will need some sort of amplifier for the PWM signal. Let's start very simple. Just speed control. Just one motor. One direction. What kind of transistor shall I buy? And what kind of circuit shall I use?