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DYP-ME007 + Wild Thumper Controller

Hi all!

Can you help me?

I'm trying to connect DYP-ME007 (ultrasonic) and Wild Thumper Controller.

And i can't understand how to connect it electrically. I'm talking about trig and echo pins.

Many thanks in advance.




Calibrating current sensor Wild Thumper Controller

Hi guys,

I have tried to follow the instructions regarding calibrating the current sensors of the Wild Thumper Controller, but I would like some clarification.

Wild thumper 6wd with WTC

Ok so two questions today. I built my 6wd wild thumper with the wild thumper controller. Controlling it via rc tx futaba 7c 2.4ghz. It drives pretty great but it drifts a bit to the right when I push forward on the stick. When I have the WT up on my stand and I very slowly move my stick forward to the point of first wheel movement, the left wheels begin turning before the right. Does anyone know and troubleshooting steps I could follow to remedy this?

WTC - 5v output

I'm start using the 5v output from Wild Thumper Controller to feed a wi-fi camera.

The camera use a maximum of 2A, and the WTC manual sais this output may feed 5A (ok, in servos, but I think I can use to power other devices). However, when I start the motors(I measured about 12A), the camera "reboots", seems like low power.

That's normal in WTC, or may I do something wrong?

I don't think it's a battery problem, I'm use a 7.4v LiPo tagged as 30C.

WTC - Wild Thumper Controller - Calibratting VR1 and VR2

Hi, I'm working on a HTTP controlled robot ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xNUsHhzaBU ), but I have a question about Wild Thumper Controller.

Lets say, for example, I don't want use "current sensor", and i simply set up Leftmaxamps and Rightmaxamps to a number that motors never reach or strip out the protection code from my project. May the position of VR1 and VR2 clog or put down the performance or de current delivery?


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