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TaLoS Humanoid Robot

Balance to one leg, move hand, move head with Power Led on

Hello everybody,
I am back one year later, with my latest construction Red Dragon biped robot https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/27414.
After my second construction, named Red-dragon V2 (humanoid) was too heavy and tall, wasn’t successful, I moved on constructing a new one Humanoid Robot, which I called it Talos. At this moment, I am doing some tests to make it walk, after it passed with success the balanced test.
Talos, is a robot with height at 34 cm and its weight at 1.65 Kg.
It consists 19 servo : 12xMG995, 2x mg996 2x s3003 3x cs-929mg. and 4 Power Led for head
Controller for servos moves is one scc32 of DFrobot and its manipulation happens with Bluetooth using it via computer with panel handling and moves up. One 9v battery for controler and one ubec 8A - 15A max for servo!
Below, you can see some photos and video of my robot
My robot's design made in 3Dstudio max
scc32 in photo
Bluetooth module
Bluetooth module to scc32
Robot from back
The hands
End the Legs
Red-Dragon V2 related to TaLoS legs

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amazingly cool! keep going dude!

Thank you, very soon I will have to walk video

Congratulations!  It’s nice to see that you kept going after running into trouble with your first attempt.  I’ll look forward to seeing updates.

Where do you get your servos from? what kind are they? Im looking for some strong ones 

hubbyking, ebay !

Hey man, nice project! What's your power supply (how many mAh have the servo battery)?

Now my power suply for servos is one PC ATX powersuply, later I will use lipo battery 3200mA 10C, and the blue box at the front of the robots have a ubec 8A -15max for stabilize the lipo power to 6V

Nice robot man!! Keep going.

this is a amazing build! and  has inspired me to build my own humanoid robot 

looking forward to more updates on it

Thank you very much .. This rovot need to walk a gyroscope, but my hard to get now! equal so later! The problem is that without a gyroscope when walking loses its balance, because the center of gravity is high