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Testing the wheeled version

As announced in our previous post, we are working on wheeled version of our robot. Tires and shaft adapters are arrived today and we mount them to conduct first test drive. Here are some photos:

Wheeled version of the "Shark" model


The first test drive was more or less successful. However, there are still some problems we need to solve:

  • Shafts are too long for adapters we are using and as a results wheels are sitting to wide. The simplest way to fix it would be just to cut about 10mm out. The front wheels on the second picture illustrate how it would be.
  • While turning with one wheel stopped works reasonably well. However, the on-place turn where wheels are rotating in different directions does not work as it should be. It happens because we are using two-wheel drive version of the chassis. I hope that four-wheel drive chassis will fix the problem.

Except of issues mentioned above, it works well and makes a lot of fun to drive because the robot can go faster than tracked version! Please feel free to visit our project web-site to learn more about the robot.