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The beauty and the beast - the magical conversion of a gun

I have not posted any robot in ages but I am still doing stuff :-)

For a project I have in mind I made and purchased some gadgets, also this Nerf gun

Well, as you can see it's really a beauty but I did not really like it so much and for the project it would be totally useless. So, what I had to do is to change that guns view. Lots of screws later I had the parts separated (sorry, no pictures). Grabbing some spray paint and heading to the rooftop (because it's a bad idea to spraypaint something in an office full of people). 30 minutes later I assembled it again. Funny, every time I am assembling something I took apart before I am ending up with some screws left. No idea where they need to go but hey, the gun is working again, so who cares :-D

May I introduce the Beast:

It will be in use this Sunday afternoon.

Photo shooting done and here are the pictures.

Now LMR may i introduce the Beauty, Alex my brave model who did a great job. Click here for more photos with Alexandra

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Toy guns made for the States are best left with a bright orange/red tip. If a person, child or adult, were seen out and about with something all black in a gun shape, officers might get a bit trigger happy, especially when it is darker outside.

x2 !!!

I understand bird but this gadget will stay in the photo studio and not being used on the street :-)

@vis: Yes it's half automatic :-)

@TinHead: Well, it's not meant to shoot anyway. This is now only a prop for my photo shooting tomorrow.