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The chair-challenge! (won by JIP - no it is not. This competition is Void!)

This competition is completely bananas:

First it went on air before it should have. And then it was won by JIP. But then it was not, he did not drive around all legs.

Please move on, nothing to see here, this is a mess, there is a competition, and it is right here:



Original rubbish follows, but this page and challenge is void!



Make a robot that drives, walks, rolls.. or in any other way makes it´s way around the 4 legs of a chair!

Rules of this competition:

  1. Robot can be placed in any position and place operator prefers before start
  2. Robot must then spin around it´s own center at least 3 times before step 3
  3. Now the robot should try to drive around each of the 4 legs of a chair, like the orange arrow
This entire session must be captured on video, and posted on letsmakerobots.com

Additional rules and notes:

  • If your robot is too large for a chair, a table can be used
  • There should be no markings on the floor for the robot to follow
  • The robot must be autonomous, no remote-control of any kind
  • If you prefer, you can go the other way around, take legs in another pattern etc, as long as 4 cornered legs have ben circled once each

Extra bonus will be given for

  • Simplicity: the simpler the more street credibility!
  • Code: Dump your code so we all can admire!
  • Building instruction: Let us build what you have build!



First robot-builder who meets the challenge will win

1 * Micro Serial Servo Controller and 2 servos (of editors choice)




This serial servo controller is a very compact solution for controlling up to eight radio control servos from a computer or microcontroller. The controller measures just 23 x 23mm, yet it is one of the most full-featured servo controllers available. Each servo speed and range can be controlled independently, the baud rate is detected automatically over a 1200-38400 bps range, and multiple units can be daisy-chained on one serial line to control up to 128 servos.

Three status LEDs and an integrated level converter for RS-232 applications get you up and running quickly. The micro serial servo controller is dwarfed by even a standard servo, but it can control any standard RC servos, including giant 1/4-scale servos.

The servo controller is less than half the size of most 16-channel servo controllers. This means that the micro servo controller is an ideal solution even if you need to control more than eight servos, as in the case of a six-legged walking robot. Having multiple smaller controllers means less of a wiring mess since servos in one section of the robot can be connected to a more local controller.

The back side of the board has all of the ports labelled, and two mounting holes allow you to secure the controller to your project. The logic supply and the servo supply can be tied together for single-battery operation, or the on-board voltage regulator allows the logic supply to be as high as 16V.

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If the first prize is given to the first robot to complete the challenge, what is the extra bonus points for? I think that the prizes should be awarded for the best/coolest/alternative way to solve the problem and not just the fastest.

Hi JKA, and everyone else.

I am not kidding; we have had server-problems!

Draft went on air, and earlier today many things dissapeared.

-And you guys where so fast to react to the challenge that it was solved before it was actually intended to go on air!

Wel.. The challenge was met by "JIP" with this robot: https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/163

.. And so - even though I was not finished with figuring out the competetion (you might also have noted some yellow letters in the rules ;) - First prize goes to JIP.  He will be contacted for personal adress to where I should send the prize.

And then I will make a Chair Challenge II, where amongst others, your thoughts will be valued and incooperated in the design of the challenge.

Thanks. Just hope no more strange server-things happen so I end up having to send prizes to everyone :) 

/ Frits