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The Maker fair NYC challenge

Announcing the first ever RobotGoldfish Maker Fair Challenge.

The rules are simple the prizes are incredible.

All you need to do to win is to visit the LMR table at maker fair after I do and want the prize.

And "Whats the unbelievable prize?" you ask.  Well I have selected (at great personal risk)

from the Stygian depths of my junk box the incredibly valuable 2N3392 transistor.

First 10+ people win 8 -12 transistors each.


I'm currently dragging myself home from makerfair.  I feel the first robotgoldfish challange was a success so I will be doing more in the future.  

All hail ignoblegnome for the incredible amount of work he put in and the fantastic success that was the result.


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IM IN!!! Ive been waiting for a new challenge for weeks!

https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/27789 This challenge is still open, but it will end soon. There are many solutions for the challenge so you can get really creative...

Thanks for sponsoring this challenge, robotgoldfish!

All, if you stop by the LMR table, be sure to let us know you are an LMR member. We'd love to have you!

Thanks to robotgoldfish for the transistors. We gave them away to LMR members who showed up at the booth. We gave some away to several teachers who stopped by with their students, and other worthy recipients.

Goldfish spent a lot of time at the LMR table and was a huge help. He and his wife even helped us pack out on Sunday evening. Thanks for all the help!

Yay, I won too! Thanks for the transistors robotgoldfish, they'll come in handy!

Thanks.  I will put them to good use.