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Toy Car Rape (My first robot)

Navigates around via ultrasound, turns on the lights when it gets darker, looks just awful and feels raped.

First of all, hello LMR!

I'm new here so very impatient to learn everything and meet everybody. I saw this website few months ago and instantly fell in love with all this robot making stuff. This is my first robot, which is made from a toy car, that cost me about 2$.

Had to break it, cut it and do all sort of other nasty things to this toy to make it work the way I wanted, that's why I called it Toy Car Rape. :)

Hot glue was my savior!

All it basically does is just drives slowly avoiding objects and turning on the lights when it's dark. ( some glitches appear when lights are on, probably of the voltage drop )

Servo at the front is used to turn the wheels.

Considering the fact, that I did not have any previous experiences with electronics and programming my own code, I think I did a fine job. Also I am one big lazy-ass, so I am impressed with myself that I've finished it.

I wasn't sure if I should post this first robot here, because it is just one in a million and does not stand out in any way, but in the end I thought that it is a great way to join this community.

Huge thanks to "Start here" tutorial and for every peace of information I found in this website, it is just great!







The robot itself :

The creepy insides : (Warning! Dont watch if weak stomach!!!)


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But that's awsome, i like how you gathered info from the start here robot, and adapted it to your needs, without opening a new thread for every step you made.


Sometimes it feels like the Tower of Babble around here.

Good looking robot.

I like it.


Now you need to build on this experience and make it do something else.

Push the boundary of your artistic technology.