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completely lost with rover 5 and dagu comotion shield

hi there,

I'm an app programmer trying to get into the hardware world. 

I bought myself an arduino uno a rover 5 2 motors and 2 encoders  and the comotion shield(https://robosavvy.com/store/dagu-commotion-motor-driver-shield.html)  hoping to be able to follow this tutorial :


I still can't figure which wires are for the encoders and which for the motors.

Am i being silly but I don't see it anywhere in the rover 5 manual~ :(

Full scale human torso on a hexapod, how to start planning?

Hey everyone!

I'm quite new to he scene. I am basically somewhat qualified in AI concepts and Programming, yet I totally lack any engineering skills. Would like to learn them en passant though.

So, what I am trying to build is a "true scale" human torso (well, basically a Spine, a Rib Cage [for Style reasons], a Head (cams and speaker), and sooner or later two arms (for budget reasons I'd like to add the arms later on, I'll just need to prepare the other parts so they can be added)).

(Closed) Some questions about AdEx neurons

Hey everyone,

Right now I’ve been toying around with Adaptive Exponential (AdEx) spiking neurons in Python 3.5, since (at the moment, at least) I feel that spiking neural networks might give more realistic behavior and “thought”.

I keep running into issues with SNNs, though, the most recent being this: the exp() function. So, the first couple of questions: How do I utilize exp() without it spouting overflows and “nan”s? Are there any alternatives? I am using the equations from a wiki that look like this:

Memory Systems

I am curious as to what approaches different people would advocate for giving their robots the capacity to remember.

In order to hopefully stimulate some discussion, I'll mention a few approaches:

1.  Who needs memories?  Make stupid robots that just react but never get smarter.

2.  Use Files To Store Memories in Some Way...like pictures of faces, or data logs for sensors.

CNC kit recommendation?

Dear: LMR

Hey guys I really want to build a cnc. I have never owned or used a cnc and I have been doing a ton of research on them. Here's the thing I already have access to a cnc and am waiting to take a class on one. That cnc is at my makerspace. I want to build my own cnc for reasons that are primarily to learn how to build one and to kill some free time. But mostly to have fun. I don't want a massive cnc something that can fit on a desktop and that can most importantly engrave into soft stone like marble for artwork and such. Any recommendations? Thanks!!!

From: Noah

most newbie person wants help with simplest project


New here but have a very specific project.

I essentially want a compact programmable servo.

i need a motor that will be able to hold a 400g load and be able to be programmed to oscillate at different degrees and frequencies.

eg 5deg at 1hz for 1 min then 25deg at 5hz etc etc.

a programmable chip so that i can program it via pc or smartphone prior to it doing the sequence would be ideal.

does this make sense?

i dont even know where to start with this. I am trying to invent something.

Uart to Analog job


 I need this sensor https://www.robotshop.com/eu/en/benewake-tfmini-micro-lidar-module-12-m.html to output an analog AC voltage (any frequency, shape - sware, sine etc.).


 It needs a microcontroller, something that I need but unable to complete the task.


 So, I'm willing to pay a fee for the complete package.

 Any help is appreciated.


 Thank you,



Writing Boe-Bot Project

This year is my first year ever doing robotics or using Boe-Bots. My teacher assigned me this project where I have to somehow attach a writing utensil to the Boe-Bot and then when the teacher puts a word into the program the robot writes the word on a piece of paper.

Cannot log into https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/ with VPN

I am an American living and working in China (for past 11 years) and recently cannot log into LMR with my VPN (Pandapow). I need to use VPN to see Youtube videos because they are of course blocked here by GFW. I have recently always been allowed in with vpn so is there some change I shoud be aware of?



Get Rssi of RFBee with Arduino

I got Final Year Project to get RSSI value of RFBee with Arduino. But I don't know to do that because most tutorials show how to get RSSI value of Xbee. I notice that digital pin of Xbee is not same as RFBee. Thats make me more confuse how to do. I hope someone can show me how to get RSSI value of RFbee with Arduino. Thank you :)