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Get Rssi of RFBee with Arduino

I got Final Year Project to get RSSI value of RFBee with Arduino. But I don't know to do that because most tutorials show how to get RSSI value of Xbee. I notice that digital pin of Xbee is not same as RFBee. Thats make me more confuse how to do. I hope someone can show me how to get RSSI value of RFbee with Arduino. Thank you :)

3 axis gimble

Hello Everyone!

Can one Arduino resent serial com to another Arduino?


Can one Arduino receive serial communication via USB and then resent it to another Arduino via tx rx pins?


mbot line follower

Hi, i need help with my code. The mbot has to start and follow the line when i press A on my remote, while it's running it's suppose to show green lights. When mbot comes to the end of the line he is suppose to blink red lights. Red lights are suppose to blink 1 sec appart and blinking has to last in time of the mbot ride. So if ride was 12s, red blinking should be 12s and stop. With this code, everything works excpet red blinking goes on forever and never stops. Thanks!

Dagu Trex Controller Issue [SOLVED]


I create a new forum to talk about a trex controller issue I encountered after one hour of use of this controller. I mounted the dagu trex controller on the dagu wild thumper chassis with the 30+6mm given spacers . For testing purposes, I connected the trex controller in LV and no external switch mode (2 jumpers on) with Zippy LIPO 2S batteries and a D8RII FrSky receiver. The batteries are in series on the batteries input. The channel 1 and 2 of the receiver (which I programmed to be throttle and direction on the 9XR TX) are connected on the TX/RX pins of the controller.

drone controlled pallet UGV

ı make drone controlled with in pallet UGV. WHY?

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Better Remote Control Options For Robotics Challenge


Sanity check and advice please.

We are entering a Robtics Challenge for schools which consists of a number of autonomous and remote controlled challenges. For remote control we are currently using a Pi Hut 2.4Ghz Wireless Game Controller:


We have a couple of issues with this method:

Size of capacitor needed

I have a 18 VDC 5 AH battery with which I can charge a capcitor.  The Capacitor need to be able to discharge in 1/10 second at 18 VDC a 40 amp current across a 4.6 ohm resistance. How do I determine what size capacitor is needed?





hello everybody
i want to move my servo 360 as sweep (from 0 to 360 and from 360 to 0)
i do it by servo 180 and it worked
but in 360 that not work!
pleas help me