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Expedition vehicle - Auto leveling bed - motor and controller conundrum

As part of a van build project, I am including a system to adjust the height of each bed corner to a perfect level regardless of how the vehicle is parked. Adjustments will be made using lead screws that run the full height of the van walls. The mechanical portion of the design is solid including the necessary tolerances to support up to a 10 degree tilt in 3 dimensions. This is the optimal as the other purpose of the lead screws is to retract the bed into the ceiling when not in use.

a question on Li-Poly batteries for 16DOF humanoid robot.

Hello there,

I would appreaciate any advice from the community.

I bought a H3S 16DOF Humanoid Robot from a company in China

The Instructions were sparse and in Chinese, but there were a few videos and I was able to assemble the robot.

The problem I am having is that they did not send the Li-Poly battery,  Apparently they do not ship Li-Poly batteries to Canada ?


I want to make a cylinder thermostat. On this cylinder I want to mount 4 thermocouples type K. These 4 thermocouples can be set independently in the range 160-220 * C. The program can be loaded on Arduino.Can someone help me?

Thank you.


Selecting Correct Gauge Wire



I am replacing the 10 x AA batteries on my MonsterBorg Robot with a 14.8v 4S LiPo.

The combined current draw of the motors (stall current) is 9.6Amps Motors What gauge of wire should I use?

Machine Vision for tree


I want to develop machine vision algorithm for identifying fruit from a tree say mango.  I want to obtain location and coordinates of the fruit  for further decision making. Task is to be carried out in day light .Which type and how many  of cameras , sensor do I need and also do I need any processor like arduino for it? Can I do it in Python . 


All around Noob to actuators

Hi everyone, I don't know how I've never found this site before but it's so awesome! I've never build robots or anything but I love this stuff and I think I will soon be addicted. I build custom classic cars and this stuff could be very useful. All that out of the way here's my question.

New to Robotics

My 5th grader has entered into a robotics compettion. You can use kits but I am not sure where to start and what kit to buy. We have 2 weeks to complete. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Fast 8" linear motion

I am searching for a solution to this problem.

  • Move a .5" to .75" metal shaft that is 6" to 8" long quickly (1 sec in/out)
  • Needs to be rugged
  • Enough force to punch through leather
  • 12 to 24v DC  ...or... propane powered.
  • Cycle times would be low. 10 per hour or so 


I've spent hours scouring the internet for a solenoid that can do this but have had no luck.

I've looked a various diy mechanical solutions too but nothing has really jumped out as a good enough solution.