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xmos progess anyone?

Calculon recieved a note from his lovely postman indicating that he will get it on monday. :)

From what he's been able to read, he gets the impression that almost all mechanics/electronics (motor control, LED control, adc, sensor-type switches, and so on) must be handled by other ICs that communicate to/from the xmos board with serial ...

Is that right, or is there something he doesn't understand yet?

Programming with mbot

Is there a way to detect pattern in mbot? 

I need to detect if the maze has X marked with tape in the grid.

Shooting Target Robot - Laser Tag?

I'm building an escape room/interactive room for a business and I was thinking of using some robots to help sell the interactive parts of it.

In essence, I was thinking of having a robot on wheels, with a life-size cutout of a human on top that stays hidden - once someone triggers a motion sensor nearby, I wanted this rolling cut-out to roll out into view, and once a player shoots it with a laser-tag style rifle, it would trigger the robot to drop the cut-out on the floor backwards, as a reactive target when it gets show.

Scara robot


i want to know how to calculate the torque for scara robot arm's motor if the arm rotates in horizontal plane and the axis of motor is in the Y-axis.

Need help in create robot whose movement can be controlled.

I am new to robot world. I have to create maze travel for my project.  Please help me how should i proceed ?


Arduino boards that use a Scratch-derivative?

Hi, I'm new to robotics and just purchased a Makeblock mBot a while ago.  I feel like I've reached the limits of what it will do and am finding more and more of my programs have bugs because commands don't get processed fast enough or it is apparently too big for the board to handle.  While I have done some coding, I haven't done a lot in C. 

I'd love to just stay in the visual block programming realm and explore the possibilities there, but are there options out there that allow you to put together your own kit and still use visual block programming?  

Reading and acting on hand held wireless controller input for motor control etc


I have bought this Wireless Gamepad Controller which using some provided code on GitHub and following the guides have successfully used it to control a small robot chassis via a motor driver board from the CamJamEduKit#3 designed to be used with and fitted to a Raspberry Pi.

Hacking a Toy RC Car Rx Board - Remote Controlled Raspberry Pi Powered Robot Platform


I am researching remote control methods for a Raspberry Pi based Robotics Platform for a Robotics competition in April next year. (Pi Wars).

Before I run off and purchase an RC Transmitter and Receiver and some RC switches as in this Instrucatble I thought I'd have a look at some of the junk I have laying around.

I have a couple of old RC cars that I dismantled a while ago and found this small Rx board on my workbench.

Help Choosing a 3D Printer

I have been looking at the Ultimaker range, the original Ultimaker is available for about £900 (I am in the UK).

I found a Tech Rader Top 10 3D printers here but the only Ultimaker that was listed was the Ultimaker 2 Go but this only has a small print size and is restricted to PLA only.

Help needed in estimating cost of 2x6DoF robot


I'm totally green and would really need your help on a robot I'm thinking of building...

trying to estimate the cost of a robot that has two ~0.7 meter long arms with 6DoF each, simple pinch actuator, each arm able to lift 1~2Kg, relatively low accuracy - 1~2cm. Simple stereo cam, Adruino or RPI brain, connection to AC voltage - no battery, simple 7" display

Looking in the shop I see the following but I even don't what am I missing: