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I need help in Python programming

I need to build a planner that helps a robot find the best path through a warehouse filled with boxes that it has to pick up and deliver to a dropzone. the robot's movement is subject to error. Moreover, the robot will not have access to a plan of the warehouse beforehand, and the robot's perception of its surrounding will also be subject to error.

Open Source Servo Animator!

Hey There!

Let me introduce myself first as this is my first post here! My name's Raymond, and i'm from the netherlands and am 25 years old at the moment of writing,
I'm been long interested in electronics and robotics, but only since about a year or so, i really started spending time on it.
I work as a 3d designer at a 3d-print-shop, and am currently also doing development for 3d printers.
But enough about me, there's something more important!

Dust sensor


this is my first post. 

Turn your raspberry pi robot into internet controlled telepresence robot.

Hi guys, 

My name is Jill, and I've been working on an open telepresence platform (letsrobot.tv) for any kind of robot you can think of, and i wanted to open it up to more people. It's kind of a cross between telepresence and live-streaming. You can basically hook up any robot that can run our software to the site for anyone on the internet to control. We have an API & documentation to help you get started.

Useful Robotics Forums



apart from this excellent site ...

  Which forums do you recommend for hobbyists interested in obtaining information about technical aspects of creating DIY robots of varying complexity ?

  I've dones some searches, and , while there are several forums, many don't seem to include medium to expert level content.

There seems to be many for kids, and there's many university sites , but the latter are restricted to student members of the universtity.

Programming Oshonsodft BASIC

Hi, My first post,

I would like to know if there are any other users of Oshonsoft BASIC on the forum, please?


Giant Robot Duel

Who saw the first "Giant Robot Duel"? In case you missed it, MegaBots Inc posted the entire match here:


Taking a look at their previous videos, one of our previous suppliers, Howe & Howe Tech gotexcited and even joined in to help:


Howe & Howe are different in that they actually design and produce real military vehicles. intended for the battlefield.

How to make a fast spider robot?

Hi, I made a robot spider. Here is the video below. But it's slow, like on video. What did I do wrong, to make it move faster?


Any suggestion for handling the current and the voltage here?

I'm making a power board for my robot and I am looking for some advice regarding LiPo battery protection ICs.

I might need to draw a fair bit of current (9A), though if I get the programming right, it shouldn't be a problem (will probably be around 3A max).