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3difyd warfootage program



just  a quick method i can improve.


looks like it shows signs of parallax.


and a full screen camera 1stnn autoclassifier.


why cant i build a 30 foot Hammerstein robot

Hi I'd like to build an ABC warrior.

I spend the year building a CNC plasma cutter, its not finished, and then I bought a CNC router to repair. I'll put a pic below the arm.

So I joined loads of facebook CNC groups and somewhere in there, someone posted a KUKA robot arm they had just taken delivery of. That threw me, I didnt realise they were possible to own. But of course, they are old tech by now, so it makes sense.

Stepper running irratically

Hi all,

I am having a little problem -

1. My Dual H Bridge controller running hot 

2. My Steeper motor runs fine for the first 60 seconds and then starts to run irratically.

I have attached a circurt diagram and would really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,



rgb to depth camera

I "3d'd" some old war video,  it learns "normalization" factors off pushing out a blurred sobel filter.

It works okish sometimes.


Its only prototype, and its not very deep just yet, but i havent had the chance to code the better version,  i think this tech should go all the way.


It works through scale invarience, between the pixels.

lawn mower bot help

I built a robot mower using a new cub cadet swivel mower and added two invacare motors to the rear with a 24v 40 amp alternator.

new to robotics



i am not new to software development however i am very new to robotic development. i have some basic questions 


what is the programming language that is normally used in artificial intelligence? 


yes google is my friend however can any one give me links or words to be used in google to get basic robot parts in the developemt.


SingularityU Canada Summit

The SingularityU Canada Summit taking place in Toronto, Ontario ends today (11-12 Oct 2017) and even at a super early bird special of $1750 CAD was sold out.

18 dof hexapod spider robot

hello  I am neew to this.

I have put together the hexapod with no instructios just what i found on the internet I need to know how to power the 18 servos and the lobot controller board. also need to know how to connect the servo wires to what pins. is there any diagram on this any help i will be greatful.

my email is d.3dmax5@gmail.com 

4 WD robot w/ strong communication capabilities

Hello, I am attempting to make a 4 wheel drive robot with capability to livestream its view back to me so i can drive it down a 1-foot diameter pipe to see whats obstructing the airflow. it goes approximetely 50 feet under earth so i need a strong signal. does anyone have any ideas??

Get the most out of LMR

It’s ok to be a lurker, but those who get the most out of LMR actively share projects, news, videos and more. So what goes where?