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Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller

Hey everybody, I was lloking around on the Pololu web when I found the Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller.

I was going to use it in my robot two control its 2 motors, but I was wondering how I was going to program the PICAXE to control this thing :P. Take a look at it yourself and tell me if you have any answers.  

New 32bit MCU from Microchip

Anyone going to get a starter kit on May 26?

I am thinking of getting one


what do the numbers below the author mean ie, 14:31 on the robots page

 i asked in the shout box but ehh...


there isnt any website based forums...


Hello.  I am new to the world of robots but plan to continue with it for a substantial amount of time.  I was wondering what controller would be best for me to use?  I know that you will probably recommend the Picaxe 28X1 but other people have mentioned the Serializer .NET robot controller.  Please give me some guidance.  Anyone.

Couple "First Robot" Questions

how is the sensor able to turn side to side in your beginners robot without a motor, you would reccommend picaxe over adruino, and where did you get the tracks for the wheels on your 2nd first robot, the one that resembles a tractor?


does it automatically start when u connect the power source, may seem dumb to you :P or is there a switch?

sharp IR sensor for beginner robot

alrighty, so i'm about 80% done the robot detailed on the 'start here' page. however, i have NO idea what on earth to connect the sharp IR sensor to. the tutorial mentions anything labeled v or g, and analogue input one.. which area is the analogue input? also, in the picture, the sensor appears to be connected to something not labeled with any of these. and how do you go around connecting the unused inputs to v? it says there should be three unused in the tutorial, but if i was to hook it up where it seems to be in the picture, i'd have four unused inputs. if they even are inputs.

I want an arduino feivel...

would it be possible to have an arduino use led's as sensors?  like this ---> https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/272

 If so how would I code it ?


Programming Help (PICAXE 28)

Below is the code I am trying. I stole it from a book. I figured it was an easy one to start with, but I have a few questions. Can someone explain what TRISB and PORTB are? Also what exactly does POKE do? It looks like it is creating variables LED (at port 0), TRISB and PORTB. When I run the simulator on the code it gives a syntax error on Symbol PORTB = $06 and says Poking at this address is not recommended (POKE TRISB, 0). Can anyone help me understand what this is doing prior to the AGAIN: tag (I put the lines in bold)?

Awesome.....so it begins....

Has anybody put together a starting kit of parts for the basic picaxe robot???

That would be really helpful, and probably help get a lot more folks started....what an awsome site!





Is it here yet?

It's been 5 minutes where is my stuff?

  1. Picaxe 28 starter pack USB
  2. motor driver
  3. picaxe servo upgrade pack
  4. SRF05 range finder
  5. gear motors with wheels
  6. 5v regulator
  7. a few red leds
  8. 330 and 1000ohm resistors

Its goign to be a LONG couple of weeks since some of it is coming from the UK. I hope to have something built in a month or so. I want to start off small so its blinking lights for my first few projects. I won't even touch the motors until I know what I am doing.