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Prototype development

Hi, my name is Sergio Herrero, from Berlin, Germany.

I need a hand building a company in the Vertical Farming industry, but I see it as a robotics company. I pitched the idea in front of investors and they were interested. Now we have to build a prototype to receive investment. The job itself should be seen as an investment. There is no remuneration but once the protorype is done we can asigne ourselves a salary and most importantly, be the founders of a great idea.


Hello There!!

  I am a Machine Designer. First time we are going to try a small robot design. Which has 9 DOF the arm lenth is 500 mm. I am looking for a strong material in less weight. Do you guys have any idea for that?




I need to make a waterproof housing for my air quality sensors

Hi guys,

I'm creating a air quality device that reads the amount of particles from the air, but the device has to be waterproof and still lets air and sound through so the sensors can get their readings. Anybody know a great solution for this big problem?

Thanks in advance for your response!



arduino uno is not responding -solved-

today i just got my new uno. after stealing a cable from my pinter usb a to b. if i try to upload to the uno i get this message(avrdude:   stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp 0=00)

i was wondering if it was the usb cable but ive tried 2 already.


this error code is for the uno not being connected.if you are using windows you will have to select it manualy.(i have no experience with mac) 

Attaching large wheels to robot

I'm looking for some large (4" or bigger) wheels for my "mars rover" robot.  Stumbled across 1/8 or 1:8 RC cars that use very nice all terrain wheels. This would be perfect, except I have no idea how to attach them to the motors, I never seen them personally...

Anyone has any experience with this?  Most use 17 hex hubs...

My motors use 6mm shafts...

Pololu TReX Dual Motor Controller DMC01

The start of an unlimited project one step at a time.

A.    This is what I have:

6WD Wild Thumper
Pololu TReX Dual Motor Controller DMC01
OSEPP Tank-01 Robotics Mechanical Kit -http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tank-Robot-Platform-Kit-/112443774361?hash=item1a2e2bd599:g:ZzUAAOSwpINZY78j
6 channel RC radio and receiver
Arduino Mega 2560 and a SparkFun MicroView - OLED Arduino Module (which I’m in hopes to use)
APM 2.6 Autopilot, Telemetry Radio and a u-blox GPS+Compass

Would the STM32F103C8T6 be enough for this project ?

I plan to build a robot that uses 4 encoders like these for each motor. Now I plan to use interrupts in order to calculate the RPM value based on the encoder signals. The code will also respond to the speed of the motor i.e. a sort of PID where the motor will spin slower when more torque is required.

Using ride-on toy gearmotors like PowerWheels

I am working on a project where I was seeking some low-cost gearmotors. They will be attached to a winch system that would lift a fairly light load.  The system needs some position control, and I was hoping to use a simle multi-turn potentiometers.

I recently purchased some gearmotors intended for kid's ride-on toys.  Here is the link to them.