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Pressure Washer Robot

I'm just a janitor working at a dead end job. They had me pressure wash some concrete the other day and was thinking basically the only work involved is moving the tip. 


I have no experience with robots, but I have an idea and that's a start.

I'm looking for a robotic pressure washer for driveways and sidewalks. There are robots out there.


Stanford's Vinebot can grow without moving its whole body

Stanford researchers have developed a new type of soft, growing robot.

This newly developed vine-like robot can grow across long distances without moving its whole body.

Robot Reference Frame for Pan Angle?

The GoPiGo robot pan_servo(angle) function puts 0 degrees facing left, 90 degrees straight ahead, and 180 to the right.

Remote controlled unmanned power-chair

Ok, My idea...


I have reason to need a bluetooth or r/f remote controlable powered wheelchair. To be able to remotely turn it on (& off) and manouvre it from an outdoor shelter over to a freshly parked car's drivers door.

What I have at the moment is just the base power chair:

Powertec F50 by Sunrise Medical


What I wish to do as much as is possible is to leave the current set-up as it is, and to add the propsed r/c system to work along side it.


Power Distribution Boards / Busses

Curt is growing up and requires more POWER!  Specifically more power to more Places.  I have connected components using stranded wires with red "FC" type Insulated Fork Crimp Connectors that are for 18-22 AWG wire, and accept a maximum of a #6 screw, and the forks are 0.245" wide on the outside.  Example:


Wild Thumper Controller Board

I bought a Wild Thumper Controller Board a few years back for a robot project that I never got around to building.  Since I never got around to that project I would like to put the controller board to good use as a battery charger. I was wondering if someone could help me wire a SparkFun Serial LCD to it.  How do I use the spare IO pins if they're setup for servos?

E18-DS80NK IR Sensors

I'm working on an obstacle avoidance robot. I have two DS80NK's mounted side by side, each canted in about twenty degrees so the beams cross each other. I got curious about the shape and range of the beams so I mapped them out. They didn't look quite like I expected. Each side of the beam (2D) goes straight out for a distance then starts to turn in and then turns out at a greater angle than the first part of the beam. It's kind of hard to describe in words so the picture shows what I'm talking about.


HC-SR04 Problems.

Dear: LMR

I am trying to make my robot obstacle avoid and it keeps rotating counterclockwise instead of only doing that if something is in the way. I think the problem is interference in the hcsr04 sensor. Can I have some help? Thanks!!!

From: Noah


Mini matrix 0.8" for Otto Robot


I'm building the robot "Otto". I would like to add a mini matrix on the front. Who could explain to me the modification branching scheme and the right code..

Thank you