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--> size: 500 mm X 500 mm or 20" x 20"

--> weight: 60 kg or 130 lbs

--> payload capacity: 160 kg or 350 lbs

--> ground clearance: 80 mm or 3.15"

--> max speed: 4 m/s (cca. 15 km/h or 10 mph)

--> max torque: 30 Nm or 22 ft lbs on each track, total 60 Nm or 44 ft lbs

--> run time: at full power 1 hour (3000 W)

--> 2 motors: each 1000W 48V

--> 1:8.25 gear reduction

--> battery: 48V 2kWh


Custom Arduino motor controller:

--> Arduino Mega

--> BTS7960 module 2PCS 

--> Source code: https://github.com/Hrastovc/Arduino-TankDrive




After two years of planning, assembly finally began:


Laser cut steel:



Motor characteristics:


Assembling the "shell":





Lots and lots of screws:




Basic structure with integrated motors:



Shaft specs:


Smaller sprocket (on the left) should be welded on, but only on the left side and not the right side.

The bigger sprocket should be fixed with a pin through the shaft (needed for assembly sequence).


Sprocket on a motor shaft:


Chain drive:




First testing:







----------------- UPDATE #1 -----------------

Plow lift concept
plow lift concept

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Can you show the drive system? It looks like you might be using tracks. Almost looks like the sand crawler in Star Wars.

Whoaaa, awesomeness level over 9000!

Is there a video?

I am planning on making a video, when the project is finished, it is going to be uploaded to this YouTube channel: Electrical and mechanical engineering projects. This project will also be updated with a video and more information about custom electronics.


I also made made a very similar robot with tracks as you did. If you need any information you can contatct me directly, since we are from the same country :)


I am so jealous!!! I might have to make my own.

I'm gonna join you on the fanclub @nschreiber0813 !


I love it.

How much do you think it would cost to reproduce?

How much would it cost to purchase your plans/vendor list/advice while building?

Once again, I love it.




The total cost of the build was 1000 EUR + battery (500 EUR, 210 pcs of 18650 cells).

Seems like I need to make a tutorial about it.

I will publish all the files I have and write a tutorial in the next couple of weeks/months (hope I find the time).

I like the design very much.It is very simple, yet it looks like something out of a Science-Fiction movie.