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Turn your raspberry pi robot into internet controlled telepresence robot.

Hi guys, 

My name is Jill, and I've been working on an open telepresence platform (letsrobot.tv) for any kind of robot you can think of, and i wanted to open it up to more people. It's kind of a cross between telepresence and live-streaming. You can basically hook up any robot that can run our software to the site for anyone on the internet to control. We have an API & documentation to help you get started.

We've had a lot of homebrew robots added to the site, and it's a good way to share your creation and let other people experience it's capabilities. Most of the robots on the site use TTS, have microphones, speakers, and cameras. They also mostly run raspberry pi's, which what we develop our open source software on. There is a live dynamic voting system that lets multiple users share control of the same robot. 

One of the cool featurers allows users to take snapshots from the robots perspective, including gifs:

Playing with puppies:

One of our users made this awesome ping pong turret. You can shoot her with it while she is trying to work:

Here is the turret from the perspective of another live controlled robot in the same room:

One of our users thought his robot would make a good play mate for his two little girls, so far he was right:


You can even hook up your battlebots:

I made this robot that lets people on the internet slap me in the face for money:

And it's a pretty simple matter to tether the robot to your wifi hotspot on our phone for outdoor fun:


Anyway, the platform is in a very early prototype phase, but it's in good enough shape to start inviting others to try. This seemed like a great place to post because i see all the cool robots and a pretty active DYI community. 

If you wanna get setup, just check out the resources page. If you need help trouble shooting, i suggest using our discord chat (link on the front page, or community page). 

Me and my 2 co-founders have been working on this site for a while. It's a small team, but we are starting to grow which is nice. 

Check it out: letsrobot.tv

have fun!

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Pretty cool project!