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Autonomous robot pet
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3/23/18- Big update. First of all, I had 3D printed a custom chassis that ended up being too small for hardmouse's leg design. This meant that to preserve my print (and overall design,) I will have to scrap those awesome-looking legs. So sad, but I imagine I'll find a use for them someday. Anyway, the chassis is small because I'd like to fit a Raspberry Pi Zero in it (and I just like compactness!).

So after the fact, I toyed around with using the servos as legs directly. I tried modifying some plastic gears and gluing them into holes in my chassis. Then, I put screws through the gears into the servos, giving them something to "hold on to". This worked well for one servo, but not for the other- it was still too loose.

That brings me to my final solution- simply using the servo horns that came with the servos. I placed the horns into the chassis' holes, and screwed them into the servos on the other side.

I used some hot glue to hold the horns in place.

I plugged in one of the servos for a test, and lo and behold, it moved exactly as I intended it to, as can be seen in the (as of this post) most recent video.

I even made a separator for the chassis to (eventually) keep the batteries and the Raspberry Pi Zero (which I now wish to use instead of Arduino) apart.

I had to sand it down quite a bit, but now it works like a charm!

Next: Finish the legs, make some of the chassis holes larger (for the wires,) make and print the spikes... Lots left to do, but it's so much fun! See you all next time.


3/6/18- Just finished the front legs! Woohoo! I did several test runs on one of them, the most recent being documented in the video. But I screwed up the movement range in the test Arduino sketches, since the servos can no longer rotate fully. I hope I didn’t strain the servo too bad...


2/27/18- Hello again! So I now have a 3D printer, and am currently experimenting with it. The leg pieces you see are downloaded and printed, while I will be practicing making and printing my own pieces for this robot as well. The reason for its name? It will hopefully look a lot like a trilobyte-turtle hybrid when it’s done.

A reeeally rough digital sketch of the original design is provided as an attachment.

The name and design have changed, however. It will now be a proper quadruped (thanks to a 3D-printable robot chassis,) though the head and “shell” will be mostly the same. I also would like to add a simple “tail” of sorts as a semi-continuation of the shell (no actuators required).

I will try to update again soon- stay tuned, and thank you for looking!

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I like the look of the turtlebyte.  The spikes look cool.  Will the spikes be fixed in place or will they move in some way?  I think it would be interesting if they moved to display some sort of "emotion" or status.  But it's cool either way.  Can't wait to see more.

Thank you for your kind input! I have always thought of the front spike covering the turtlebyte’s head when it’s scared, defensive or sleeping. I was actually toying with the idea of the other spikes being able to move, too... that will now be the case!

So great to see you posting a project again. You are always have creative ideas that are simple but work good. Looking forward to seeing more on this one.

What parts of the robot are you redesigning for the robot's 3D printed parts if all of them? How much of the design did you change and what did you change them? What software are you using for CAD? Good luck!!! Those are fantastic 3D prints.

Thank you for your interest and kind input! I’ll try to answer you as best as I can.

I should have been clearer as to what I am redesigning... the concept art in the attachments section is what I am redesigning, not the 3D print itself! However, the new shell, head and “tail” parts will be custom-made.

As for the concept’s redesign, Turtlebyte will have a “tail” and two hind legs instead of a single hind castor wheel. I also just decided to make the front limbs like the ones you can see in the photographs (not the drawing!).

As for the custom “CAD” parts, I am actually just going to use Blender... I prefer my CAD applications as apps, and none of them really suit my needs right now. But, I do have experience with Blender.

Thank you again for your inquiries and well wishes, and I hope I’ve cleared things up a bit!

Thanks!!! Fusion 360 does literally 80% of what solidworks does and is completely free and easy to use. I would recommend Fusion 360 for it is a great software it can do a lot of stuff. Although blender is really great for doing animation and low poly figures I would not recommend it. Good luck!!!

Thank you for your input! I’ll have to check it out.


Great job! Haven't came back for years and just saw a familier photo that you have here. Can't wait to see your re-design on the move.

Whoa, is that really you from Thingiverse?! That’s amazing! A warm welcome back, and a huge thank you for your kind comment (and for providing the 3D prints I’m using!).