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Ultrasonic HC-SR04 library for AtMega 8 (ie Dagu Mini Driver)

Does anyone know of a library that will work with a Dagu Mini Driver (Arduino NG AtMega 8) and an HC-SR04?  At first I thought I must have two sensors that are dead, but when I hook them up to an Arduino they work fine.

I tried our friend Google, but none of the ultrasonic libraries list if they are backwards compatible to the AtMega 8.  I tried two different libraries and neither seems to work.  I tried different pins, still no joy.

Thanks in advance,





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That code is almost exactly the same code I got from one of the libraries I tried.  That code didn't work and this code doesn't work either.  I get 0 for ranges no matter what I do.

I copy and pasted the code into my IDE, so not a code issue.  I then hooked up one of my Arduino Unos and the code worked.  I tried another Mini Driver, and still no joy.  I swapped inputs for trigger and echo, tested to make sure I had power at the sensor (4.9 volts Vcc is +, Gnd is - so kind of hard to mess up).  I was using the USB port for power which should be more than enough but hooked up an external power supply to make sure power wasn't an issue.  I am using Arduino 1.02 IDE and using the Visual Micro plug-in within Visual Studio 2010.  I used this setup earlier this week and had the bot working with the built in FET H bridge on the board  running around my kitchen.  The bot has bumper switches which worked so I am using the right row of pins for the inputs/outputs.   It seems it is only the ultrasonic code that it doesn't want to work on.

Could it be a jumper, bad version of software, or something silly like that?