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Unboxing Ultimate 2 0 Robotics Kit

10 different robots you can build with all in one kit

After checking the mBot kit and other robotic kits, I though I saw most of what you can get from a kit for robotics. But my unboxing of the Ultimate 2.0 from Makeblock was much more than what I expected.

Full of mechanical parts, electronics control and sensors, also the easy software integration and app makes it very easy to create not one or two but ten robots or even more, depending on your imagination. I invite you to jump and play the video attached to this article. There you will see what I'm talking about.

Tip: you may get the control board for free participating in the call for reviewers of the MegaPi here.

Also check future reviews of this kit as they will come soon. What will you do with this kit?

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This kit looks great - the mBot is awesome, but I'd love to give it tracks, or get this kit!

Thank you Craigh for your feedback!

Yes, giving tracks to the mBot is an interesting idea, but playing with the tracks of this kit is also very nice.

MakeBlock knows how to make some really nice kits! We don't get to experiment with all of the products we carry, so thanks for sharing!

Yes Cole,

Makeblock design very good and well rounded kits for robotics. In this case is a kit full of parts and fun. There are many possibilities with this kit and the robots it suggests, but also you can create other different robots that are not in the manual... I already did an experiment of a new one, see it here and tell me your thoughs ;-) : Robotic arm tank Challenge: high obstacle