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Unfinished Projects

I was looking through the Robots section on this website. I noticed a lot of posts (mostly old) of never started robot projects. These have pictures of parts, or hand drawn concept pictures, etc but the finished product never got completed for whatever reason.

I think we should take a week or two as a group and make posts on these projects to try and inspire these builders to actually build them. Or at least build something. I know I have started on projects and lost interest. But I always build something, and complete the majority of what I start. Maybe we can provide some inspiration!


Just my opinion.

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Most of the times is because of lack of free time .

i can get to the working stage were the bot has all it's basic functions but then i get new ideas and improvements happen things change, it's kind of like im building the same bot over and over again till i get it right . im not a professional so end product is not that important to me  but have fun building robots ,getting them to do something and each time they get a little more complex    i don't think ill ever complete something before it gets unmade and remade over and over again  (just what i do and i have fun )

this is a good idea the first few steps are the hardiest when making something for the first time ,

some of them may have moved on to other  things ,

if there is someone in particular that you think needs some advice / encouragement or a cool project that's getting forgotten point it out with a link and ill add my 2c worth .there are a lot of projects hear standing out is hard  

I'm not pointing fingers.....I too have not completed my fair share of projects.

I'm just trying to motivate and help inspire others.


There's a cool thing that happens on LMR, its the "accidental inspiration".

An amazing example is Frits drum robot.

He made one. The video spoke to everyone's inner child. Then like 20+ have been built since.

I don't have any culture changing robot ideas like he does, so I'm doing what I can.

Its what old guys do!  -LOL

i did come across like i was defending my self, not what i intended LOL .sorry bout that :)trying to give some context

i agree with you, it's a groove idea, it come's from a good place . my point is that finishing is not as important as starting and even half made projects are  grate for inspiring new projects

i been trying to encourage Birdmun to get his first bot up (Jax stile 3 servo walker ) clever guy with good info ,just to much study to have the energy .he has put a lot of time in to this site comment's and relevant info been hear a year and no robot there are a few others with no robots but you never hear from them it's hard to know were there at :)     

The point is that her (like in many other forums/communities) sign up people and then forget about it. Either it's a time issu or just lack of interest after encountering some difficulties but that's true. There are people with the "zapping" fingers (like the ones switching TV channels the whole evening) and then some with the passion to keep going with what they have started. 

What I wish is that the projects which put in "pending" or canceled are marked as that so we can see if it's worth to keep posting. It's not productive to write comments/questions/suggestions to people who are even not read it or dropped the email address whcih was used for the registration.

I understand what you are trying myblack60impala but sometimes it's just non-productive to bump projects which are dead for years.


Yeah perhaps I'm reaching too far. It was a good idea though.....I'm always trying to give back to the hobby that gave me so much.


Me, I'm kind like CC in that I'm always messing with my stuff, few if any projects are ever truly done.

I see your noble intention and I am also tended to do so but with my limited time I need to focus ;-)

LMR inspired me a lot and I will give back as much as i can to this community. I also did not finish all my projects but if so I will make it or write an update message the the people know about.