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Title random biological human robot/ electronical ideas

Just some ideas sketched on paper

Combining an arduino/ raspberry pi/ banana pi

Or look alike via usb with a smartphone was an idea

Since android software is maybe compatible wit linux.

Then you can use the interface of the smartphone ro acces the arduino hardware and use smartphone hardware at the same time for a robot.

(Could not upload pictures C my facebook page photos)



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Rb5x robot

I have a rb5x robot for sale. This is the one that looks like r2dr. It needs new batteries but has everything that goes with it. Anybody interested in buying this hit me up at eriktunder@gmail.com.
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Looking for inexpensive web-based label printer

Hey Guys,

Slightly off the topic of robots, but I can't think of a better repository of smart problem solvers.

completely lost with rover 5 and dagu comotion shield

hi there,

I'm an app programmer trying to get into the hardware world. 

I bought myself an arduino uno a rover 5 2 motors and 2 encoders  and the comotion shield(https://robosavvy.com/store/dagu-commotion-motor-driver-shield.html)  hoping to be able to follow this tutorial :


I still can't figure which wires are for the encoders and which for the motors.

Am i being silly but I don't see it anywhere in the rover 5 manual~ :(

Use simple hand vacuum. Also WiFi connection (esp8266-12). Lua codes web server to connection. Limit switches for motion forward and rear. Bot remembers sequence of … Read more